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Write those hires yet, and sometimes these rankings they usually pointless. Because I am improvement. Doug Peterson was. Hyde is the head coach of the Eagles. Most unqualified coaching Hirable Dodd from Mike Lombardi, and everyone had in their as Let's say there was five coaches hide that you don't remember. Everyone had him last. I won a Super Bowl. So I know he's no longer head coach. Now, when people look back at that differently, guy did win a Super Bowl. I don't think that was the most unqualified higher than I've ever seen. I think that's very safe to say. So here. The candidates of guys that that got hired the seven and we gotta rank and one through seven year Robert Staal, author Smith Solid Goes, The Jets are, too Smith goes the Falcons Dan Campbell. Like to meet Cap off. He goes to the Detroit Lines are admired to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Syriani who's going to be introduced tomorrow to the Philadelphia media. We'll see how that goes. I saw some videos. That's a little bit weird. They have Ah, swoop to that is that is that swoop the Eagles mascot be the one that greeted him coming off the private plane. Can you imagine they all, said the general manager, Howie Roseman. But can you imagine Nick Syriani Man finally get NFL? Cool? Maybe not. Finally. I don't think he was thinking he was getting anyone anytime soon. But let's just play far even say, Man. I could've had a head coaching job. Here we go. I'm getting off the plane. First person I see a needle. No, not an eagle flying in the sky, but I see the Eagles mascot swoop. My employer greeted me with the mascot. When I'm getting introduced as the new head coach? Yeah, I would say guys, come on. It's pretty rough, right? You get off the plane Trace and you see the mascot. I kind of like a you know, you know, Sweep is a pretty good NFL mascot. There's not many bad mascot, but that gives you college fields. Well, that gives you college vibes. What do you have a band playing next? When the coach always gets introduced and the media press conference room. We need the mascot there. Yes. You know what? Let's do this. Has a lot of problems that go on in our world right now. I don't think I need to be bitching about the best. Come on. That's impossible. Well, gonna fill your swoop. I'd rather take a cheese steak. Quite frankly. Go get me a mama's cheese steak. All right, swoop, Go fly and get me a mama's cheese steak. So you got Nick Syriani going to the Philadelphia Eagles? Dave Cully going to the Texans, and then Brandon Staley going to the Chargers? You had some surprise hirings. Looking back at this. Solid was projected to get a job. Arthur Smith protected to get a job, Urban Meyer once the Jaguars rumors were out there. We all thought that was gonna happen. Who would have ever thought, though, that Brian Day Bone Eric, the enemy both wouldn't have got jobs and now we both would They have got jobs, But other guys that cut jobs were Dan Campbell, Brandon Staley, Dave Cully and Nick Syriani. Huh? The world we live in in Now before our coaching carousel happened, I said, I wonder what's going to be the one surprise thing who's gonna be the name that we leave off? Because I've done that before. I've done those mock draft. You bring on beat writers from every city and then someone doesn't go in the top 10 and you basically just slam your head into a microphone because you go while people are gonna torch this. When we dinner coaching Carousel, Brian Table Was actually I picked by any of the candidates. So Brian table didn't get a job. Eric, the enemy was picked. He didn't get a job. No one even mentioned Dan Campbell, these all experts that cover the teams in their city. No one mentioned Dave Cully. I don't think anyone even knew Nick Syriani Woz. Britain's daily was talked about that he would get interviews with probably wouldn't get a head coaching job this year, probably to wait another year to On presents daily Got job. Dave Cooley got a job. Nick Syriani got a job and Dan Your kneecap off Campbell got a job, So let's rank these one through seven. Very rarely are the Jets number one Unless of it's like the number one pick in the draft or the worst team in the A. M. C s. I think the Jets made the best tire and Robert Sal He's the CEO of a program. He's a leader what they needed. And I love his personality and what I like the most about solid. You have all these hotshot offensive coordinators on these hotshot defensive coordinator's Robert Solace that I'm gonna hire a defensive coordinator gonna oversee the team. So I like the Robert salad picked by the Jets. That's number one. Two. I'm gonna go Urban Meyer with the Jaguars. Urban Meyer is getting full control that organization that had the head coach first. Then they've got the G M. Trent Baalke. They ain't in the GM. But for Urban Meyer, we all know his greatness in college doesn't necessarily translate to the NFL. I do like though that situation in Jacksonville. You got some names on the offense side the ball DJ shark. You got the viscous should melt. You also got Robinson the running back and you gonna get Trevor Laurence to patch up that offensive line..

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