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Obviously, go cut it off. Well, I haven't been down four seventy one lake and turned up. Lake Lynn turned off this way. It's a performance car been the. Oh. Look it up by driver's license number because. It's not expired. Permit, but I actually have a class or license gonna clash number class. Arnaud trucking license, maybe real stupid death. So. So they call it. Vignal coke? Atarot? I've got a picture of the actual license. The lady he's just got a picture of his actual license. And they still let him go a picture. But it'll it'll turn up as clean class or license. This is a permit that expired. Highway want to drag this is my wife's car, I'm going back to work tomorrow. Present everything you'll do. Go parking DOE party. So they let it go. Then they get back to the police station, and they reviewed the video on Facebook. And saw what he was doing hundred eighty-five, man. So they they were fuming they decided to go getting dang, right? They they showed up at his house, and they getting with possession of weapons that he's not supposed to have he has several felonies on his record. And so now he's he's locked up. There you go one may officer. What me as tires or smoking idiot man textbook live in his crime in action. That's hired his car crazy, man. Well, we got the video the whole video. It's about ten minutes long on the front page of our website at NewsRadio KLBJ dot com. Facebook live did and. You know, there's nothing you can say here here. I am doing it. This is me my face in the camera. Here's a shot of this dominator in. It's me. Listen, what me a package food entrepreneur from California is now the first of thirty three parents charged in the college bribery scandal that has pleaded guilty disclosing the deal just yesterday as a Hollywood actress, Felicity Huffman and Loyd appeared in court as well. But the first to really go down and face. The judge is Peter j sartorial he's fifty three he's accused of paying fifteen thousand dollars in cash to have someone. Correct. His daughters answers on her ACT college entrance exam while the exact charges in which he planned to plead were not immediately clear the two actresses and one of their husbands they were in court yesterday. And a lot of people outside taking selfies wanna to see save Becky, Becky and Becky may go to jail most wholesome woman on the planet now. She's not go to jail. None of these people are going to jail. You know, what I think they will? I think they will. I I really do is hard as it is to picture. Those two lovely women behind bars. I think it will be used as such an example say you're saying you're saying from the full house to the big house. Yeah. I think it would it would set such you know, that obviously your your stature your your celebrity your money is not gonna make a difference. Who's the victim? Who's the victim? Well, the student is the victim, really. Ultimately, what do you mean? The student is the victim. What what's your question about who was hurt in the scandal? Well, I think ultimately the the kids that were the money was paid to get them in the school. I think they're hurt. How how were they hurt? Well, they're going to be star. Celebrities. They're rich kids while they're still YouTube stars. They're they're loving it, man. Yeah. They're getting more followers on their YouTube channels who's the victim in this crime. Because you can donate money to university and get anything, you know. Right. I mean, if Lori lava would have donated a million dollars. Did you see her in a guy now scamming the ACT and SAT systems and setting up a fake nonprofit that's got some tax laws violating their but just just giving university a bunch of money to get your kid in who's the Vic while I would say the victims are going to be if there's no way to to really prove this. But if there was any deserving person that was strictly going to get into the college of for their performance their grades, and they weren't able to get in or not able to make the team because of this. I would say they're the victims. I would say that I would say anybody who's just plain work for it. And deserved it and earned it. They're the victim. Yeah. Get in the if if that can be proven that that was indeed the case if that did happen. I gotta go to jail of jussie smollet doesn't go to jail. How can Lori Laughlin go to jail because they dropped the charges on him. Joe? I don't think these charges are going to be dropped. I think they will. I think it might be a very small amount of time. But I think they will go to jail if you have a student a child that attends a young adult rather that attends the university of Texas, maybe your profession you work on campus. Maybe you are a students on the forty acres. How do you feel about your safety, especially at night? We asked the question because it was three years ago this week. This week that the beautiful Hiroko Weiser was of -ducted in the dark at nights and brutally slain there on campus. And it's been three years, and we still have lighting issues on campus. They still can't change the lightbulbs two hundred thirty eight light bulbs. If there was a light bulb that was burnt out during the off season at Longhorn football. They would change that lightbulb immediately minutes. Well this week marks three years since freshman rookie Weiser was killed while walking back to her dormitory. And since students like Emma, hav say, not much changed in terms of lighting and visible police presence. Now, I don't feel any safer now than I did. Then she spoke with Katya also says that area long Waller creek or Weiser was was was was was taken and thrown into some overgrown brush, while the overgrown brush, the up kept trees are still there. They're still sibility issues in that immediate area. Up cat. You can't just do them once and expect the problem to be solved. A recent report on the west campus lighting area calls for two hundred twenty eight new LED bulbs, which they say we'll take about five years to replace. That's what the city says how many people does it take to screw in L E is despicable. This is this is bad. Take you that long to change light bulbs. Come on. Come on. This is not on campus. This is actually on the drag Gary Guadalupe, it's west campus. Whatever whatever we know that that that not only Longhorn stadium. But if it had anything to do with ACL or anything to a south by southwest, or whatever of they'd be on it. Maybe the university of Texas shouldn't wait for the city to fix it. Maybe UT should just go fix it. I mean, if they really care about the safety of kids, you know, then they would have same. It seems to be check on traffic. Now, here's Melinda Brandt. That wreck over on moped. Southbound climber has been moved over to the right shoulder. But we still have delays back to shoreline drive. We're also dealing with a reported rack on mopeds southbound approaching far west boulevard and a collision deafened lane. Johnny Morris road. I'm Melinda Brandt with Austin's on time traffic. I'm ready to make my credits Kim, I'm ready to classes from university. That will help me.

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