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Chatter? Hold on. Why don't getting cited buddy your reds are making moves her? Jeff passan the reds have acquired sunny gray in a trained for New York Yankees. Yeah. What did we give up everything? No details yet, but they've acquired him. That's awesome. Yeah. Sunny grades the little guy that the cubs always liked from Oakland. Yes. Yes. And he he was sought after by a lot of teams. And then he was promptly traded in turned into a horrible pitcher. Yeah. So I mean that that my guess is that lack of performance will probably continue in the Queen city. We stink. What to tell you? We have some better players east. Okay. Thank you. Appreciate that. Larry, you're on ESPN one thousand layers in downers what's up there? Good afternoon. I have two comments one is on the overtime. I get the fact that you can say told the defense to stop them defenses are tired at the end of the game. The fairway to do overtime is to give both teams equal possession. And when one team is ahead after equal possessions could be one could do whatever. Then it's over even even to make it sudden death after matching touchdowns the other team has an extra. So the first point is I think you'd give both teams equal possessions until someone's ahead beckoned. And that's the fairest way of on yesterday because fences tired, right? No, it's because it's fair because both teams gets the chance to the equal chances to score. The other interject this real close. How would you feel about the outcome of the first game? I know it could work out where it turns out there. But it doesn't always turn out fair the way I'm suggesting is if you give bulletins equal possessions. It's always going to be fair. So whether the team scores a touchdown or not it doesn't matter. The coin flip doesn't decided it's both teams had an equal amount of opportunity. That's that's in my opinion is the most fair way to do. But you can score on defense in the NFL. I get it. I get it. You're right. The defense shit stop. And why the other defense have to make this because they lost the coin flip. I just think it's fair might opinion. I respect your. You want the innings or like in the shootout where each team gets the same amount of shots. Yes. And I think that's then. Yes, the second team might have a little more of it manage because by going second you can go for it on fourth down where the first team. But it's still more fair to give equal possession then to potentially deny eighteen of either getting any possession or the same number possession. But one other comment on the saints the saints. I get the fact that they're upset what Peyton said and brief that. But if you go back to two thousand nine NFC championship game against the Vikings. There were six to maybe eight calls in that game that were horrendous all for the saints many of which were admitted the next day by the NFL including two and overtime that literally gave the saints bed game. And I think it's hypocritical of reason Peyton not to say anything they happily accepted that win. But they're upset about yesterday's. And the last communist why not just add one in the booth. Forget all the challenges. If you see that the past is incomplete if you see it should have been a fumble. If you see it was passed down to the field and say, here's the right call why what's wrong with adding a rough up in the booth. And I'll I'll. They basically have that in New York. You want morale river don't want more. L? I surprised that Al river on didn't go into his usual denial. You wouldn't that be great? If he told Sean Payton. You know, I like it was just an optical illusion. The ball was actually there at the same time. They hit occurred. But you just you don't have it. Right. That's how bad it was the NFL eve lied to us. It was so agree on has been doing this this deceiving act for years like with remember the touchdown in Newark New Orleans with Zach Miller, they told out to go get a sandwich that point. Then don't worry about it. We're not going to need you for an explanation. Look again, you can sit and you could give me a thousand explanations. This is just one of those things where I'm your party adamant about. I'm not going to get you know, four matching the innings or matching it like in college football that for that. I mean, what did they do this year? They the one changed overtime this year. Believe it was was they took it from fifteen to ten minutes isn't overtime ten minutes in regular season that yesterday was a fifteen minute period because you're playing. That you're actually starting a new game. Essentially, like when you halftime if for whatever reason to there's another halftime, everyone is back to the locker room, and they come back. That's the one change that. I wouldn't have a problem with if you wanna make the change that you play a set period of time ten minutes. That's why they're doing soccer. Right. And you guys are you don't have a problem with there's five possessions as five if there's one there's one right? So if you wanna do that, I would say okay now, people are going to suggest where you can't do that. Because you're exposing guys to further injury. Well, if you implement college plan, you're gonna think you could be out there for a day and a half, and again drives and understand why you don't want to drive. The college doesn't give you a dry. Why do you want to college overtime? I don't want to cause in the NFL. I think it's the best football way to do overtime right now. Like if you compare the two colleges better than the way, the NFL, but Sylvie. Because when overtime starts if you want to you can kick a forty two yard field. Right. It's at the twenty five twenty five. But most no, I know, but my. But the end medically in scoring position went on. Have you seen? Everybody's. Put it put. But you're talking about the NFL understand that dick Sylvia's point is. You take away the beauty and the drama of one of those historic drive. I'm not saying you should put the college in the NFL. I'm saying that it gives it gives both teams the equal amount of time to score. And both. It's fair is what it is. This is I know you're gonna say, well that's not fair. It's not fair. The way is if you want to make it fair just do ten more minutes. That's it is do play ten more minutes. And if there's no score after ten more minutes, then you play ten more minutes. I'd be fine with that. I'm not as hard and fast as Waddell. I wanna know. Are you guys having the same rules in the playoffs as the regular season? Do you want this changed only in the postseason you on this change an all regular season games? Will I think you should do ten minutes, regardless? I in the regular season. There's only sixteen regular season games. Vision ends in a tight ends in a tie the same way. If you go ten minutes now. Nobody's scores. It ends in a tie. The problem is you had the MVP the league didn't get to touch the ball in overtime. Because that's the first sixty minutes of the game the shoe's on the other foot and the chiefs win the toss and they get the ball. So we would be say the greatest quarterback of all time. In their logic. From my perspective is flawed as well, look if you go on and nine minutes and fifty five second drive and then kick a field goal. And that's how it ends. That's how it ends. But don't ended after two minutes. Then I think we should continue to further devalue defense. Let's continue the rules that further devalue defense. Let's just do that. Well, it is the tougher scoring teams made the made it to the final four. There is no value. I like the idea of imagining that John Elway's drive was actually twenty-five a three play twenty-five here. Exactly, these are legendary drives that engage in overtime. I love that. I I'm not for college. A you. You can definitely convince me into the ten minute. Just play. You know, you have ten minutes use your timeouts wisely. And you may not touch the ball equally is the other team. I'm totally cool. Without that is all good. Okay. There's one change that I could sign off on. It is a set period of time and the game isn't over until that period of time expire three three two three seven seven six. Lots of hot NFL chatter today. These Super Bowl is set in less than two weeks. Waddles world is coming up next is you've heard me talk about this.

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