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Thanks. But you look at what Syracuse has done and it's a great story. And you like it. But this is just a totally different animal they're going against here. I have to think that a lot of the college basketball fans out there get discouraged when they hear us break down. Kansas gets a deep dive this season for the first time in program history around Beth the board Syracuse gets a deep dive for the first time in a while and here we are just casting aspersions in their direction, saying these seasons have kind of come out of nowhere in the market hasn't quite caught up. Brad, when you look at Clemson and Syracuse, how much of you adjusted these two teams respectively from where they started this season. Suffice to say Clemson about the same in Syracuse is obviously been the major beneficiary. Oh yeah, no doubt out there. I mean, even though pain mentioned higher on Syracuse, at least relative to market coming in in the season, I still had to upgrade them 6 points, even though they haven't played that tough of a schedule. You have to respect the job that they've done. And especially on the defense side of the ball, I know they haven't faced a who's who, as far as opposition there. But I really like what they're doing on their second year defensive coordinator Tony white. So 6 point upgrade for Syracuse. Clemson, they're on beaten, but I'm here to tell you, I've downgraded them slightly. Defense is not med expectation. Offense is improved, but coming into the season, my thought process was sure we have the big three, Alabama, Ohio, state and Georgia, who's that 14, at least for me, it was Clemson. They haven't lived up to at least to that expectation as far as I'm concerned, even though they're unbeaten. Almost would love to see a Ron Robin of sorts between Clemson, Michigan, and Tennessee at this point to see who of those teams which could actually go out there. Take advantage of a couple of tactical advantages. One last thing on this game pain and Brad brought it up when you look at Clemson's defense, we talked about obviously and not living up to pre season hype thus far. Offensively, do you see any edges that Clemson can exploit against this rapidly improving Syracuse defensive front? Yeah, you know, listen, I think we all kind of get the Clemson's offense has improved and it's happened for a number of reasons, right? Getting rid of Tony Elliott is DJ U drop in 30 pounds and being that extra man advantage in the run game has helped. You look all told Clemson's offense was outside the top 70 and schedule just efficiency last season. Now it's a fringe top 25 offense through 7 weeks. It's certainly not back to championship run seasons with Trevor Lawrence and the one thing that's kind of interesting as I watch Clemson. They don't really have go to aspects, whether it's certain formations or at certain players. But across the board, the one thing that you see with Clemson is they're buttoned up and they're situationally fantastic. They're converting red zone trips into touchdowns at a top 20 rate. They turn quality possessions into points at the top 5 rate. Clemson's offense has been really aided by good field position and they've been damn good converting on late downs. Now those things don't necessarily sound sustainable, but it's still a huge improvement year over year. And I think the one thing that you guys have hinted at is Syracuse defensively has improved. But what's interesting is Tony white plays this really attacking three three 5 defense that he likes to call them up. It leaves them light in the box at times in Syracuse has to run blitz to fill gaps. That's why you have a Syracuse defense that's still 95th and rushing success allowed 99th and stuff right a 110th an opportunity right out in their outside the top 100 in EPA per Russia out. That's something to think about here. Syracuse does a really good job creating havoc. So when they run blitz this week, pay attention to this, right? You have to make DJ U change direction immediately when he's a runner. He's more of a builder. Shipley obviously has some wiggle and maf has come on strong, but he's also a guy you want to make change direction. If Syracuse can quickly make Moffat and DJ you change direction as runners, they might not get beat up as badly on the ground as the metric suggests. Now, Syracuse loves its corners and secondary. They've been great down to down through the air. They've limited some explosiveness there. But I do question again the competition. You look at the first four games of the season. Syracuse faced passing offense on average that are currently 90th in EPA per pass. Then back to back weeks against Owens 6 FCS Wagner who attempted 6 passes all games so they could speed things up. Then you got to Brad's point a backup in Jack chambers from NC state who can't throw the forward pass. You look at Clemson again. I don't know if DJ used proven to be like the 5 star guy, but he certainly lost the weight. He's worked on his footwork. He's worked on his base. He's not a leap by any stretch. But the intended air yards are up year over year adjusted completion percentage up clean pocket. Up under pressure up QBR upright turnover worthy players are down. It's all better this season than last. And so I think this is interesting. While we like those corners for Syracuse, they certainly have not been tested at any point this season. And you know what pain you mentioned will shiply obviously Clemson at a game plan for his usage rate coming into the season. I mean, he carried the ball 32 times through the first three games of the season. Since then, he's averaged 16 carries a game with a season high last week against Florida state at 20. And maybe we got a glimpse of who Clemson's deep threat can be Antonio Williams with a big play against the seminoles last weekend. It has a long of 22 or more yards and four of his last 5 games. We'll see if the vertical passing threat is there. When the orange invade Clemson South Carolina. From the east coast to the West Coast, gentlemen, and a massive game in the PAC 12 pecking order. It's UCLA taking on Oregon and Oregon right now, a 6 point favorite total in this game 69 and a half. It's down a touch from where this price would have been set during the summer months with Oregon slightly more than a touchdown favorite. You look at chip Kelly. This will be his third return trip to Eugene, but this time the game actually means something in the big picture. Oregon won its third straight in the series last season at the rose bowl by 34, 31 score line following a typical back and forth game that featured a big Oregon comeback from down 14 nothing and UCLA almost being able to erase that deficit themselves coming up just short. Both teams, fresh off of buy week, so a

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