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Seasons in a row where we started last chance kitchen with returning vets chooses in a row where the vet does make it back into the competition. And now two seasons in a row where the vet makes it back into the competition and has gone relatively quickly. And maybe makes you feel like at least with last season with Claudette. There were two people that came back into the competition. But in any case, it's just a very weird series of events. She gets booted goes right into the finale of restaurant, or it's Buddha from restaurant where it goes into this restaurant wars challenge makes it to the finale of last chance kitchen for the mid season. And then ends up in a situation where she has the ability to come right back. Like, we could just Reese. Set it the the BB rewind button and bring her back into the competition. And that's not alternately. What happened? It's just fascinating to me the way all this has played out. It's really weird that in to Nina's now, but eliminated three times from top chef that just feels really odd to say. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, I totally agree with you that I was a bit surprised to see Pablo win. Just because I think maybe my disappointment comes from the fact that I just keep getting my hopes up for Natalie Anini like they did so well starting off and they they fell to their respective reasons. But now they have LC K. I know they failed the delta K. Oh, wait. There's a reprieve. They could come back and Natalie gets eliminated in this first round. So basically the talk through it a bit all five end up cooking their dishes. Tom sorta makes a first cut of Caitlyn who does this. Cincinnati chili spice rub steak with the mustard sauce. Basically knew the problem. The sauce ended up being super bitter and as much to try to add Honey to it. It really did not change the flavors of it Natalie ends up going out here because she doesn't make a sea bass that comes out really well, but he was on a big fan of the garnish against the pickled mushrooms that she put on there and Kevin goes for the summary ho soup with this olive salad, and he puts a bunch of. Stuff in there. And I guess that's led to the suit being too thick. So he cuts immediately. It comes down to knee versus Pablo and Nina's. Probably like, all right. This is my chance. I'm finally going to come back. She goes with this Mucci. It's something that really speaks to her heritage something that she knows she can cook. But dammit, if there were only teacups in that pantry we could've seen any finally back on top shop, and unfortunately, the vessel just led to this unfortunate texture thing where the outside we're bubbling. But the inside really wasn't and Pablo was able to take the hints. The super simple was able to use apparently his textbook apple which is in like every dish that he's made so far and as a result to your point in Tony was the shock winner. Here. It is able to survive another day get a reprieve here in L C K. Jim any thoughts about the results here? Yeah. I I'm just happy for. I mean, I was of course, super discipline for Nina. She she is so awesome. I I was really I was really rooting for. And but I wanna say I thought it was hysterical. I thought that Pablo was almost gonna get like a like a cat Suji where he says, I'm gonna make something simple. And the first time he describes the dish. It sounded simple. But the second time he described the dish. He was like, oh, yeah. This is going to have avocado and trees and radish an apple and all and all the stuff in there. I was like, oh, no..

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