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You said the African you you made that move over believes do you registered homeless and when An and You Doing The sofa surfing around when he means E._S._O.. Making that move and coming just more uncertainty was like what was it like few Shannon Yeah I was registered. I'm looking for seven months of had a few interesting conversations with some homeless people about this because you know just just say you know you know I've I've not been there in term so I did not did not end up on the streets <hes> I was very very lucky and I'm in a I have friends and now open is very small place. <hes> is very expensive place live. There's not really anywhere to live you know as a single person sixty seven recovering from something something like I was. I didn't see a way to start again and the the hardest the hardest part was we'd hoped bumped into a friend in the supermarket and then you bump again in the in the in the next sharper in the in the night style. You know that joke bump control as kind of thing we're doing that with with your child because you'll even in the small town which has a couple of shop she impulsively going is is just horrible combat and so it was kind of way in way in the options I thought I could also for her and other horizon and it's been great I mean she loves it down here. One of the first time she visit and concern I live on one of the little tear streets by Goodison Park at the moment or walking down the road and she went daddy imposed great. It's got everything yes pretty good as management Joel Daddy. I'm the Queen of Liverpool so so she's <hes> she's Yes yes yes when when when the Toffee Lady <hes> I'm I'm Evertonian yes. That was a major part of it. I got the HOOPLA there are other housing rental APPs available Eh for my phone right and I I put in l.. Four Forty L. which Evertonians will know that <hes> postcode and anything within half a mile and I thought that's where I'm going to start. I'm GonNa just look around and see if confined I find <hes> anyway to to paraphrase Joe Joe Royle so I could move back to the leafy hamlets of well. He's he's Nice Green so I <hes> yeah and I I looked at six seven houses and then the last one and I was so apply a couple of expensive one was just that terrifying bums. I you know I hadn't hadn't found the one very real no feelings of you know kind of instincts kind of person in the last one walking up the street and it was number number thirty eight and I'm walking along. Oh it must be near that one with the Blue Bay windows and I got it was the and and. It just foul right and I I you know I spent weeks kind through. All of the benefit applications going to registering the G._p.. To ten in this story you know really and in and and it must have for the help because again that's a massive part of this kind of processes you have linter both ask for help and sales to accept how and I've been very good either as most of my life and I've got quite a bit better and I've as they <hes> have to say this. I'm I'm not being paid to say this or anything but I I've had that slee a relatively positive universal credit experience. I think this again this was one of the things I feel that first afternoon cinemas bill bed head or other things I'm good at what can I do like on right with people. I'm Felli articulate. I'm fairly intelligent are confident a form or coworker computer. I can do the basic things that you know I can spend the time I'd say I'm not GonNa lie about and stare at the ceiling Udaya theon about twice this whole time and then and then made a promise to not be myself up for it for the promises and I've heard quite a few <hes> yeah I would try and find all the help or possibly could and accept it and the way I could give back would be if I've to L. for got my little little terraced house you know maybe the Dixie Dean used to live in something and I could pretend that and you know an and live that life and went on to in the community and volunteered with them I could begin stuff back so that I wouldn't have to feel guilty about getting benefits and then we're not to be as you know. I've never had a great deal money. I'm sure in my life. I'm sure my contributions amounted to the amount of being given back at an expert you know yeah I feel guilty of you know about about being given this money I guess but I I've had a positive experience with it and I think I think by take the boxes which you have to do and are being polite and all those things but but I think of of Donna Vision counterbalance out mecom or if you like you might be useful explain whatever and in the community is because we just across the U._k.. Yeah I know so so Everson football club started a charity in nineteen eighty seven eight ish just had the Othello vestry I think last year so it must be not they started to charity connected to the clubs so it was doing things like running soccer camps and things for for kids in the local community around well in his spread why you know across liver pollen and as they as it grew bigger different streams of funding became available and things and that now they deal with across the Liverpool across the Merseysiders area of the water in the world and they they have programs which Toco mental health and they were with asylum-seekers they were with me with them children who may be on on getting on in education system have they've since our PA- free school so the people he dropout the mainstream system have have a second chance <hes> essays from college that built in the next hope monster so that building a and a mental health facility which I'm hopeful to the I'll definitely be voted in a voluntary comp- capacity but as I get stronger and not my ideas against crystallize hope that I can how kind of you know maybe provide some services there <hes> I volunteer on sale on all kinds of things I've just lately in the last couple of weeks of the school term. I've been that kind of school sports stays helping out and they both have run from entire kind of sports weeks for some of the High Schools Nico and into around the area where I live in tough schools and and you know kids from tough backgrounds and didn't with all kinds of people and it's amazing I do <hes> I reading mentoring with primary school children at one of the schools in Walton dealing with kids Madonna's age four or five and it just wonderful your you can tell that some of them parents obviously don't have any time to sit and reach with them or you know have other problems and they are that just the so eager to learn you know in and the way the way the world is you know the the problems people have across the United Kingdom and all Arizona's you know I think Imahara inside Moscow so it doesn't sound like scouser because I was about eighteen months old and I grew up just the edge of north London and <hes> you know so a comeback up north and a sound like a southerner is for state but <hes> you know I've lived in Glasgow in in Mary. Helen Cosgrove lived on the road in London. I mean Walton. I know there are these places you know that some people will which would call you know ghetto other people like me. Who are there everyday you see? The ashes is beautiful in the people there where I live. Have you know I'm brace me enough made made friends there. You know this Saint Louis Church Goodison Park. I'm not a big religious person but being along and a couple of people there have been just lovely you know and and you know it was about for me coming back here going back to that it was there's about coming somewhere where I had a familiar charity in an affinity already with the full put my football mates of out with over the years coming down to this stuff you know been a passionate long distance <hes> Evertonian oh my life and I've had some mental health problems go. I was coming so place. There was a lot of familiarity for me. Even just walking around that stadium for me is is a source of of wellbeing being a mind from Israeli you know and I and ever ever do on the field on the Saturday others mezzaroma part of family there you know and and and Everton in the community of made friends with the people that and then as a volunteer even more so. Do you know I'd either genuine not whether or not you're a football fan whether you know from this area to even just do some reading up on whatever the community to if you're involved in your football club so them serve because it is truly the amazing you know they've changed people's lives they save people's lives and and being part of that has been a huge source of pride for me and I'm about to the thing about letting so love myself. I'm proud of myself. I haven't been proud of myself very much in my my life is always been in relation big these big life events on proud that survived that kind of thing but I'm actually giving something to other people now. which is that's an amazing synthetic? I'd love to be able to do that kind of you know well for me. It'd be vocation over the North Korea. I guess I say I I need to pay the bills. You know money's not a big important thing that who need a little a bit yeah and have you always been an opportunity which we should never tuning Yomata Dodson Evertonian by I'm from a half and half family owned family reds <hes> Yeah my my dad's number Tony. I don't really speech my dad very much these days <hes> he's our relationship has been a big part of the the the issues I've had really he left overs was three and he came back after a few amounts and then he left again when I was nine and eat by year after that cut ties with my brother and I in a very kind of traumatic why that was there was no you kind of physical abuse or anything but it was. It's more of a psychological thing he he's had a lot of problems his his mother and he was a baby had a very kind of old fashioned so of Victorian upbringing I think in a low as you know it was seen not heard he's called his stuff today with and and you know I've had so.

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