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So it's at that level of attention to basic if you're brilliant them as your sales rep says really makes a difference really makes the difference i mean you can you can master i don't come arcane skills but i know people who spend a disproportionate other time trying get really good at presentations and they haven't invested in being relevant right and so it can give a good presentation but they don't have the depth behind right in the customer sierra throat new you can tell right away right so you know invest in the basics readiness resilience or relevance resilience shopping good shape all good all right friends thank you again for joining us bridget that's always widely wednesdays i know that we still pill until you give me a new one i'm gonna keep saying this time i'm like other times when i was writing down i actually i'm writing in my no clark write it down a name for wednesday's all right just call the wednesdays one like you know you know a name name wanda okay wendy wendy nothing on your list okay all right the next time has always been friends thank you as always till next time okay friends that was exceleron for the week first of all thank you for joining me and i want to thank my guest jacob and my friend bridget gleeson join again next week as i walk them chris errands to accelerate chris partner at inc digital and co author of a book title the digital helix transform your organization's dna to thrive in the digital age very relevant topic to me that we've been discussing recently in particular what would a digital transformation of your sales look like anyway and of course no episode of excel rate would be complete without sharing stories with bridget as always she'll be join me for our weekly conversation so be sure to join us then thanks again to our sponsor discover org for they're going support of accelerate thanks again for joining me and until next week good selling everyone.

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