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A federal judge has rejected an effort by the department of Justice to strip a terrorist of his u. s. citizenship Pakistani born Egmont Pharisees a former Ohio truck driver and. Is in the process of serving the last. Years of twenty year prison sentence. Imposed, in two thousand three for his guilty plea in plotting with Al Qaeda to destroy New York's Brooklyn Bridge the department of Justice argues that Farris entered the. US using someone else's passport but here's Chicago lawyer says he's fully agreement never. Included the possibility of deportation. Meanwhile the Justice department is rolling out a new program that is aimed at helping women who are forced, to, trade sex to keep. A roof over their heads ABC's Pete combs tells us more Weaver finds herself at rock-bottom with three kids she lives in public housing she's. Gotten an fiction notice and she goes to Republic housing property manager to find out why you're like well I can help you. But first Weaver says he Demands she have sex with him I mean I had no no acting deputy Attorney General John gore tells me the. Justice department is stepping in to help women like Weaver ease sexual harassers prey. On the most vulnerable women. They can find the government, now telling women like Weaver if this is happening to you tell us and, we'll, put a stop to. It he combs ABC news The lawyer, for adult film actress stormy Daniels he's asking for an investigation into the arrest of, his clients Mike eleven ATI said on his Twitter account that the Columbus city attorney. And chief, of police promise that they would look at the case for bias Daniels was arrested last week for illegally touching patrons but those charges were later dropped before Albany's tweet city attorney's Zach line into started police not to. Enforce the part of the law at Daniels was arrested on Bobby layman Chevrolet on west broad street is now owned by a group led by an actor the layman family, operated, the dealership for decades before selling to j. Feldman's investment group back in. March and, Feldman announced that he and his business. Partner. Actor Mark Wahlberg would be lending his name to the rebranding of the location Mark, Wahlberg Chevrolet will be the first car sales dealership. For the actor turned entrepreneur for your ABC,.

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