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66 Children, CBS is Debra ALF around, says the White House is trying not to take sides, while urging peace president has spent the week in a delicate dance, pushing both Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Abbas. End the conflict. While not wanting to appear to take sides. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will be traveling to the region soon, and he's going to be meeting with his counterparts there. The mind administration says it will extend deportation productions and work permits for 54,000 Haitian immigrants living in the U. S with temporary protected status. Move will allow hundreds of thousands of other eligible Haitians to request relief and a volcano in the Congo has erupted for the first time. In nearly two decades, A river of molten lava poured down the slopes of Mount Nyiragongo onto a major highway as panicked residents trying to fleas Goma, a city of nearly two million, no word on any casualties. This is CBS News. Small business month is here. Intel Technologies and Windows can help you upgrade your tack with up to 45% off high performance PCs work anywhere with Windows 10 Pro Call 877 Ask tell X 603 on Sunday May 23rd 71 degrees going to the upper eighties to low nineties today. Good morning. I'm John Aaron. The top local stories we're following this hour. Man is facing charges for the murder of his father. Fairfax County Police are now trying to piece together what led to the incident. 66 year old Kenneth J. Helga was found dead inside an apartment on Shire court in rest in yesterday morning. Police say he was stabbed multiple types. His son, 24 year old Alexander Jagielka, was inside the apartment when they arrived. He was questioned as a person of interest and then taken into custody. Police haven't found a weapon. But you Helga is now charged with second degree murder. The incident is still under investigation. Anyone with information should contact the Fairfax County police Major Crimes Bureau. Melissa how w t O P. NIS Public Art got a boost this weekend from a group of at risk Latino kids who helped paint a park mural in Glen Echo Park. The temporary mural celebrates the 1/100 anniversary of the carousel and highlights when the park was a privately owned amusement park that became racially.

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