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There's some things that you say that you know that you may not meant for it to come out in the way that would make people speculate about your future. You're just coming off a loss. It happens, but I know there's been a There's been a lot of talk about that this past week, not to mention the fact that he was seen in the back of a pickup truck holding a case of Miller Lite, which I thought was absolutely hilarious. Um But do you happen to get ESPN plus No, I don't have ESPN plus I saw a very interesting article. Written by Bill Barnwell, and that's what I want to start off today. I want to talk a little sports today, and we may get to the Hall of Fame, the Baseball Hall of Fame here before the show was out, but I wanted to start with this because, as you know, and as most people know that followed the NFL, the Shawn Watson has requested a trade. Shawn Watson, the quarterback for the Houston Texans, and widely considered to be one of the top five quarterbacks in NFL. Well, he had management Don't exactly see eye to eye has been a lot of things that have gone on within the organization over the past couple years and to Shawn Watson has proposed a trade. Well, Bill Barnwell wrote. This article entitled 17 to Shawn Watson Trade Propose proposals rank from least likely to most likely to happen and the 2021 NFL off season. And he goes from 17 Toe one. Now he eliminated some teams because some that wouldn't be interested like pecan City chiefs in Seattle Seahawks teams within the division Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans. Then teams with Capt..

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