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We. Need the national guards we needed. Spare Co we are killing pay. Dogs. Win. flaky France during the. Time about this crime. That's kick the. Best States of America tonight get a whole team specimens immediately my bestest. Crowd him the crown. And What is that you? One last time record. For years from now. We walk out of here a national champ. I'll tell you this. I expect nothing less important. Keys to the Game Colfax normally I do my keys to the Games to the teams that we cover on a football. Friday. But as you know it is Thursday and the Colorado State Rams are playing. I and you got to get used to the Thursday games. Three more after this one I think next week's Thursday game too so. What I'm looking at this one against Fresno State Fresno state handed to them last week against why I don't know how much you really WanNa take from a Jake Hainer I think is is going to be a decent quarterback for the bulldogs this year we don't know a lot about Colorado state we know about some of their returners we know about Dante right nate Craig Myers trae McBride. Marcus macelroy. Obviously, the big decision was to go with Todd santio today the guy from temple the transfer from temple. He's not like a a runner runner, but he can run he can get outside of the pocket he can move around. So you look at that, you look Cordeiro did for Hawaii. Last week with one, hundred, sixteen yards. Did that have an impact or was it the fact that Patrick? O'Brien missed some time I'm not real sure. But when I look at the keys to victory tonight number one, it's to me it's obvious. Adagio is a running coach his teams run the ball Fresno state gave up three hundred and twenty three yards on the ground. Last week to why Marcus Macelroy Christian hunter key one herndon that freshman might get some action tonight I I'm looking for big games from the running backs and obviously this. Shoe merged, with Boston College. Offensive Line three guys I'm Elisa Johnson Cam, ready and Adam Corey the right guard there. So three guys in that interior part of the offensive line are transferred from Boston College and then bury Wesley on that right tackle side Keith Williams and the left tackle. So I WANNA see this offensive line pushing people around so. You Know Ben them to your will I want to see a forced run game? I don't think that's a big ask because I think Adagio is going to do that regardless. So run the ball stay committed to it. And maybe we have to sacrifice wide receiver you name from now on which Kinda sucks but this is the new. This could be the new rams run run run and we'll see trae mcbride what goes well with a great running game play action to a tight end and trae. McBride had forty five receptions last year, five, hundred, sixty yards, four touchdowns I wanNA see a big game a special night. For McBride, this guy could be a first rounder but seven games to build that resume into the. First round. So looking for a big one there tonight on the defensive side of the ball now Fresno state last week, they threw for about two hundred, eighty, nine yards ran for one hundred, twenty Jay cantor's a decent quarterback. He might be trying to get his tonight Rashad Gye defensive, Backfield Logan Stewart the safety I want to see special games from those guys, Kelly. told us and I kind of agree with them right now, the only special player you have on defense maybe Manny Jones changed that tonight. Start being special in the defensive side of the ball because you haven't been for far too long. Give Rams fans something to cheer about you. WanNa blitz you WANNA take chances get after trust your defensive Backfield Trust Logan Store Trust Shot Gye there you go I like the rams to win tonight. I'm going to go twenty fourteen. In a maybe an ugly game. That'll do it for us. We'll be back at it on a Friday good night northern Colorado..

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