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All of town would you a dj radio dj or okay radio personality or a dj calvin harris dead mouse who would you rather a radio personality or dj a you yeah radio personality radio personality number two i don't know that dj lifestyles pretty cool late night late night in the clubs and aradio personnel he knows how to talk like i don't know that they do i don't know that we so what are you thinking the dj dj i i think think so so the club here's the game i'll give you the lyrics to a country song inside the lyrics reverence another artist you have to fill in the blank so for example jason aldean dirt road anthem yeah chilling under road laidback swerve and like i'm on a george john that would have been the answer for number one thanks for letting george go yeah amy i the song is luke bryan that's my kind of night the song goes like this put in my country rock hiphop mix tape little conway a little blank might just make it rain put in my country right mix a little conway little just my make it rain twenty different artists are little t there you go holiday.

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