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And look this is a new title a content machine. I like that he's sort of our own Andy Rooney, we've got a few topics rather beverage. So we do we sit down with bell. And we hear about his thoughts of the day. Hey, bill. How are you? Couldn't be better. I couldn't be better. How are you? Good to hear from you, some of the topics. We're talking about tonight. The value of training, and what you borrowed from the seal model in your own business. And you're quite successful New York City. Shame in this has to do with its ports of entry sedans versus SUV SUV's and your daughter explaining why she and so many care for animals now, this is pretty universal. They're cuddly, the lovely. What's not to love about animals? So what struck you the the the the only point that I was sort of shocked by not shocked, but but educated by should say is that my daughter Elizabeth, and I think many many others actually care more about animals than she does about people that doesn't mean she's doesn't care about people. But, but, you know, her her real deep concerns. To protect animals, and and you know, and of course, the whole world of animals, I'm told that seventy percent of American households had had animals in them. That many consider them not animals really at all, but sort of for babies, and and and the growing business that's associated with animals in dogs. I I invested in a company called fresh pet which produces great great of dog, food and cat food. And so on. And it's it's it's gone crazy. At bottom. He is is is my daughter is a point of view, which you may really share is when I asked her about this. She looked at need cross site in. And she said, well, well what what's the mystery dad? You know animals have nobody to speak up for them. Yeah. Yeah, we really are there caretakers, and when you have someone depending on you, especially maybe if you don't have kids and your hair world there part of your world that for for my dogs at home. We are their world the people who show up in the house every day, and you know, Bill, this is only interesting too. In one year's time. Like last year, we spent over sixty billion dollars on our pets big money. Yeah. Well, yeah. I know it's a used business. And and and what she told me the reason at bottom because they because they can't speak up for themselves. Well, of course, it makes a lot of sense. So. You know, and she's very involved with dog training and horses and all manner of things and and is more charities out on the east Annalong Allen Amphion in the summertime what charitable events for four of four animals, and then people typically, so it's. Anyway, we just sorta edifying for me to understand. The people who've really carry these these relationships why? And and this is why because they're their voice much as you said their world and all the rest so anyway there so innocent, and they're usually pretty cute. Do you have pets? Yeah. We have a little happiness. A dog that we've asked for Lyle, and yeah, I know everybody loves Kodak, we call them. We bought him. Of course, my daughter now would never buy a Pat from where we bought this Pat from. By the time. We bought them. They had them in the window, and they had named him Kodak because everybody was coming in trying to have their picture taken. We just kept the name. Yeah. If you if you have room in your heart and your home, go check out rescue dog or cat, or they they had everything going a little little bunny rabbit, that's a cute one right there. So we want to see Kodak one of these days. Bill can make an appearance. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. We'll have to get them. All smart. We usually we have some of our guests their their dogs bar. Jan during during the interviews that could happen to happen. You must be well trained. You're also talking tonight about the value of training. And you borrow some of the tenets of our own navy seals is that right? Yeah. And one of the one of the fundamental concepts which I endorse is that people cannot be relied upon to rise to the occasion, we like to think that we will do that. And of course, some people do, but if you're running a business or the military even more so you cannot rely on that it's simply a fallacy that people are going to rise to the occasion arise through what they're going to rise to the level of their training. That's what they can be relied upon. And that's why training is so rigorous because they're trying to preempt any circumstance that you come upon that you will have indeed been trained for and that's how I was in the event businessman put on live events all over the world. Very vulnerable to to any problem that could intervene. And so we we overtrained if I needed five people at an event, I send six security or or just. Together, we weren't security. We our event why everybody on the premises will be working for us. But if it was your golf of or somebody Symphony Orchestra that a client of mine had a participation we'd send people to make sure that that what was supposed to happen happened in and we'd always sand an extra person, and that person was a target for training. So the directions that they that they would be given would be faulty purposefully fall boy when they would get to the to the box office said be no ticket for them. The phone numbers that they were given worrying correct? We did their flights were were not book properly. Everything that we could do to disrupt it trip. We did. Jeez. That is on the job training. That's so interesting because you can really tell the I don't want to say, well, I'm going to say it men from the voice to use an awesome, people would say an archaic phrase, but I'm going to employ it if they become a liability or if they can help you get out of a jam. There's a big difference. And and what kind of people you want to work for you. Hey, I love this topic. And we've got more I'm gonna put a pin in it and hold you over is that okay? Bill. Okay. Stay tuned..

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