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These the lottery picks necessarily going forward outside of maybe The talk re protected pig for a minnesota next year And so you wanna get as much values in can out of any pick and as they grow as as as bob myers proved with his barry first draft which was twelve when when he took draymond green thirty-five weigh in on ended up being the best player the words from that draft and they also took us a lottery. On harrison barnes zillion in the first round and draymond was the biggest value. Get now is it possible that the warriors in up getting more value was whoever they take the second round then whoever they take it number two. It's unlikely it's highly unlikely but it is possible So i think it's it's worth considering the thing about the second round if you look at it. Historically i'm i'm i'm really as you know really into the nba draft of all of this up closely. One thing i noticed about the second round draft is a lot of times. he's like really productive college players. These guys who spent three or four years in college the draymond green the world really the eric pascal's of the world who have all the tools to be good nba players but they fall to the second round solely because they're like twenty two and because they did held against them that they decided to play a few an extra eur two in college teams looking for the next big superstar. Wanna wanna use that first round. Pick on like the nineteen year old guy. Who's much rar. But there's something to be severed. Eric pascal's the world. A guy who could come in from day one in an score for you and defend multiple positions be helpful and i mean paschal. At times i mean obviously they. They were a ton of injuries last season but pasco all the words best player and he was the forty pick in the draft. Rusher you the last time you and i recorded on your show. The principal question that we focused on was do. The warriors have to match the lakers. Do they have to get bigger. They have to worry about the front court. They start loading up on On heightened size. In that time. I didn't think so we kinda hedged. I guess we'll see. But i kept saying no i believe in the warriors the system is ultimately gonna win out and then since that man heard a thousand people ask your question. I've heard it on the radio or heard on espn effort. Everybody say now. You know sizes the new way. So where are you standing on this. Do you think the warriors need to get bigger in order to compete with the lakers. And if so is that what they need to do in the second round i mean is it is it like. Should they be fired off as many lottery. Tickets as they can bring an end. Random dudes to see him that can put this whole. I don't think that that's how they should look at the second round. I think i think that they're going to be able to the i think they need a. They need one more center at least And i think they're going to be able to do that in free agency either with the mid level or even a minimum contract. I think they're going to get a decent center now. Obviously there's a lot of talk about the warriors wrapping. James wiseman at number two which i still don't think is likely but i you know the conversations i've had with an organization..

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