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Fry are saturday and sunday or friday and saturday. I don't remember which what so aasa that's not academy. What's hermit. asta collective thank you. I'm sorry aasa. Collective is sponsoring one of the yoga's and triton digital sponsoring the other yoga. Gosh i know. We're not sure who's teaching yet so we will leave it. I think i think someone we know and love will be teaching at least one of them. Then i think someone we know and love might be teaching the other ones so. We're very excited about that. We're going to have morning yoga epoch. Ten sided okay. What else we got going on. Let's see let's see. Let's see. I can't tell you that like the people who are participating in the bizarre are being very creative with what they bring to give away in the tote bags. So we've been very specific in that we want each sponsor to bring something that's nourishing and nice for you know for the people who walk through the bazaar like yes. You can talk about what you do and sell your wares etc but you know because it's a conference. We also want you to like have apples or bottled water. Maybe a hug. I don't even care just something nourishing and so they're they're doing a very good job of coming up with different stuff so we're super excited about that and they're also like going out of their way at least from what i can tell to make their very pretty so example not example. But i'll just let you know who some of those people are. We got squad cast. We have our team humble in hustle. Zola hertzog and cherry tracy to forage.

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