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Off of memory can you can you? Can can you remember anything about that or why chapter that appears in? Your like the very next chapter it goes into a lot of actually all. Bacon's rebellion and Howard like. When they were fighting, you know fighting against each other in these so-called like wars of independence, rate. They would lie dia as soon as they saw someone like they thought someone was GonNa win or something they would all change sides immediately a because they were so cowardly. They didn't WANNA fight they didn't WanNA fight with any chance of them losing. Before we move on to. Jump into your original question about the. Cultural Studies and how. These people come from these oppressed nations and they just ended up teaching. You know. There are various oppress cultures. I wanted to ask if have you heard of? The Jakarta method. Someone. Said they brought it up Movie Night I've I've heard of it. It's on Netflix. Now like a buck. All no no I I heard of to. Remove Oh wait a minute spread as Guy Vincent Vincent Bevan's Yeah I follow I follow him on twitter I. Don't know what the books about but I saw him promoting that that bullets not explicitly about the cultural studies, but it looks into. The as tireless is the anti communists Crusades the CIA. And it was going into good detail about specifically in Indonesia, in other parts of the Third World. How the CIA conducted these terror campaigns to. up boop. Budding Communists and. In just pro third world movements. ACROSS THE GLOBE And I just finished the audiobook today like a my commute home and at the very end, it goes into like where are the survivors now of like these. Mass killings in genocides of communists and indigenous peoples across the world and a lot of them end up. In universities teaching classes. About the school and the. Author Vincent Bevin sees a interviewing them into. That's one of the questions that he asked that he was saying that was hard to ask what were you trying to build and do you think we got there yet and they just sounded so defeated and it sounds like. From what's the KYW's talking about?.

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