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Reed Converge with bills and Browns. What'd you learn about the browns? You saw the win there now. Three and six. What what what did you pick up or glean as to why this team is three and six as opposed to the reverse? A lot of people expected Charles. Well you know. I had high hopes for the browns going into the season. I think I was like a Lotta people you know without the talent. You know that they were that they have accumulated onto this football team. You know I expected those guys come out come out better You know the first part of the season but I think you know what I learned from him from being there it. Is it really young man so really a young team and I think that right now they don't they don't necessarily know how to win as a group right now They did get get to win. I'm a big win for them On Sunday but I just thank collectively you know. They're they're struggling trying to figure out You know who team is you know what they have and how to utilize think. They're I think they're looking for leader on their team One of those young guys has to emerge as being the leader that they can all kind of rally behind and I think for me just being in short time to me I think myles Garrett can be that guy I know he's. He's not a very vocal guy. But what I got man in the short time is that you know I was there for a couple of hours and doing interviews and the whole nine didn't have practices over you know he s go get his size and they're you know period of time longer but then when it's time to do an interview that was he was done with his massage whatnot. She went right back to the way room. So here you got a young guy man. Dan whose twenty four years old he could be rushing out of the building to try to get home and do whatever but he was still in the weight room still working on his craft still grinding. So yeah I think if they're looking for you know that type of leader and the team of somebody to follow I think miles could be that guy. So that's kind of my vibe from from that that young Cleveland browns rounds team. Then what was it like. Hey hang with man I I mean I've instagram'd out a photograph and there you are with your inner set wine. A nice bottle read popped it. Open smoking cigars with with add Charles. That was awesome. It was epic we had. We had a great time man. We UH You know we we just got two guys man. That played the game for a long time. I had a lot of accomplishments but just still love to be around the game We just got to you know talk about you. Know Each Other's careers you know how how you see certain things and just Kinda have like you said. Smoke folks guard. He's big into cigars. I have to wind the intercept and so it was just a it. Was a fun vibe. We got to hang around young players young up incoming guys hang out at football game and just and just enjoy the moment you know we we we. We've been inside those lines for so long but to be able to just be at the Games on the sideline and watch the young guys. Go out there and do that thing but just a lot of fun for us. So what's going to happen in Ann Arbor when Michigan state rolls into town fresh off of having lost Illinois Charles. What are you What do you think's GonNa Happen this Saturday man we gotta send them send them home? I'm limping man. You know we we. You know. We're coming off the bye you know boat but we're coming off a win and then by so our guys should be fresh in ready to go I feel like our team is. Is You know starting to starting to play better. You know I think collectively you know a thing say is starting starting to play better from the way you started you know earlier in the year you know the team at a lot of fumbles lost fumbles But I think people are in agreement that kind of the second. Half of the Penn state game. You know things you know kinda started to click a little bit and then it rolled into the next week. So we're kind of looking at trying to keep that momentum going into this game against Michigan State. So I I. I'm looking forward to miskin going Niagara Dominating this game. Well you're not just not just not just beating Michigan state but dominating them well you're from the state of Ohio And this is like brother versus brother or is you know heart called it a little brother were versus little right. which created a big stank and then Dantonio came in and it's kind of flip that script as he was first taking the job? It's kind of been a little bit different even with that punt. That went awry and our bars. I go round with this. This rivalry got a good story about Michigan Michigan. State when you were there about what it meant or what what you heard about from Lloyd car at the time you got a good one to give a an example of what this rivalry means in that state Charles. Yeah you know I mean when you get there you know whenever you get to the university then you Kinda really figure out you know what it means. Of course I watched it on. TV as a kid. But when you're in the locker room you know you truly understand The dynamic of the game and I think when you look at Michigan Michigan State you have a lot of guys who were in state who were high schoolers who got recruited who to win school or the other and so a lot of those guys they really know each other. You know what I'm saying. They went to play summer leagues together and different things like that. So so it is a little different with those guys and so Going into that game. I remember my freshman year But my eighteen nineteen years old. I have these these little braids that I have in my hair and so you know I was young daughter. I was pretty tough Guy Cooler whatnot. But I'm going into this game. And they got Derek Mason. I think we'll see hobbit so they have some tough receivers Out there on the field and I remember we get into the game is tough game. It kind of goes down onto the wire but late in the game. I believe we were like a cover to among Derek Mason. He comes off the line or get a little jam. And then I think I think twenty banks quarterback Tony. Thanks those ball go up to intercept. The ball game is going to be over. I got it might have been a ball in the ball tipped off my hands. They're basically catches the ball. You know tackling getting down with the Games almost over and there's only there's only a few seconds left on the clock the very next play. They throw a touchdown on the other side of the field and Michigan. They ended up being this so I so so I'm I'm I'm pissed off because I let down all the guys on the team that game into I went home that night man for whatever reason I just cut off the braves cut all my hair off and just went and just cut it off and say you know what that game is over and done with the brave. This will never happen again again. And that was the end of that. So the anti restraint that was my freshman year he were stronger without the braids. Amazing strong dog without the I was going with that people need to hear. I guess I didn't need it. Well take it from me Charles. You don't need don't worry about it. I'm strong I'm I'm stronger without to work for Charles Like I told Joe off air. I'll say it here too. You're you're awesome at being a correspondent on this show thrills. Israel's me that you say yes every time that you're asked to do it and I hope you do. It's the more I can't wait for everyone to see your your work with Ed tonight. Man Appreciate it man. Thanks for having tone and everybody will take it up nine. PM Eastern the night channel gets right me and me and the Great Ed Reed. Hey Man I came. Can't you got an intercept wine. Chart Check it out scrape from chills. We'll look into V dot com. Check it out Charleston. They go Charles Charles Woodson everybody. Thanks thanks for the call Charles at Charles Woodson on twitter as well as instagram. Follow him on both love. Love that guy man by the way. How about some of the great names right there? Derek Mason who had a great career with the titans and the and the Ravens and Mussamah as we all know a super bowl with with the panthers. Tony Banks.

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