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Give me at the big Hog Adam Bridge so that I can have that right just indignation then really stand up there and and and tell them just oh, man that they're Battiston addictive substance. A little bit then for lunch to the. It tasted pretty good for the moment. Thank goodness though of Benchellali you know we get tired of it is man this is just not working you know. I'd rather have peace instead it is exactly and that's where and that's where I think that we're going when in the role of compassion in compassion for those with whom we disagree not so much on there. But we're disagreeing on their how And that's really the difference for me so that if we if we get an understanding of saying, Hey, we all actually want very much the same thing. It's just the differences merely how we're getting there. Now. It doesn't take but one person to get triggered to set the other one off and there we are responding your how do you? How do you be a with your triggers when when you have your own when they're happening in your? Alcan your. Life. Well a couple of things one is that first of all, you got to recognize it. 'cause very often we get triggered we get into this. This state of mind. We don't even realize. You know we're sort of. We're in our self righteous condemnation or you know or like said we're just sort of stewing in the anger and we don't want to leave that. We WanNA. A field the juice. So to speak. So then eventually we're like, okay, you know maybe. Maybe this isn't working you know, and we often recognize that our body is tense. We. We can't. Come down. we can't in a very often can't think clearly. So then we started okay, and then then the real question is. How do you choose differently how how do you move on from that and one thing that I'd like us to?.

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