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Using different ad network unfortunately the traffic the site dropped off before she had a chance to recoup her full investment stacey said she she had overlooked one thing. It was a fad site based on a single smartphone APP since APPs typically have a short life cycle. She recommended avoiding this type of site in the future she took this as another part of the learning curve and after taking her lumps on these I a two purchases things started to better I recommend really starting small but letting each learn just come with you and you'll be able to start making really good purchases stacey said of her experiences. When starting out your criteria in buying an audience will will probably be different but stacey homed in on a few criteria the made sense for her expired listings by filtering to expired listings on flipper? She sees sites that didn't sell when they were up for live auction this means she doesn't have to participate in live bidding incan potentially pick them up for a better price by talking to the owner monetize with ads sense Stacey knows how to increase revenue by switching at networks improving site speed and testing ad placements so she looks recites making revenue with absence for her those may be undervalued earning five hundred dollars or more per month below that it might not be worth the time it takes to manage the site evergreen niches she now only by sites. They're built around niches. She understands the cover evergreen content no more fad sites when she finds sites that fit the above criteria stacey messages the seller and asks to be added to the Google analytics from there she can verify that the traffic is real. Check for an dips in traffic or abnormalities over time and ask the seller any questions stacey wants most of the traffic to come from organic search in U._S. based viewers. This is because most advertisers pay more for U._S.. Traffic in because organic traffic is more consistent in easier.

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