Lambert, ROB, Nancy Pelosi discussed on Indy's Morning News with Tony Katz


And maxine waters a very low i queue individual ever see you ever seen a ever see here we will impeach him we will impeach the press but he hasn't done anything wrong it doesn't matter we will impeach she's a low iq individual you can help plenty of maxine waters and you have plenty of others and i mean nancy pelosi you can't have that and conner lam lam the sham lambert here he's tried to act like a republican so he gets he won't give me one vote look i don't know looks like a nice guy i hear is nice looking i think i'm better looking than him i do and he's slightly younger than me slightly no i heard that than i saw you suck on this guys hager approves the nomination rob was loving this whole thing you'll love in the whole thing well he was like prescribers he has i've my daddy then these are religious say 'yes live no is google giga three i'm trying over the well the nicknames don't and there has trump also assigned a new nickname to chuck todd this weekend let's here's the story where i'm it's 1999 i wore meet the press a show now headed by sleepy eyes chuck todd those sleeping sort of a shelter.

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