Martha Mccallum, FBI, Congress discussed on Red Eye Radio


Martha mccallum who talked to trade gouty and john ratcliffe on this and they actually got some of the it'll played back some of the audio of the the testimony of the of former fbi chief testifying before congress and so this was really interesting here we go there's an exchange with james comey and congressman ratcleff arthritis the director did you make the decision not to recommend criminal charges relating to classified information before or after hillary clinton was interviewed by the fbi on july the second after all i can do is tell you again the decision was made after that because i didn't know what was going to happen in an interview paschall ratcliffe what's your thought on that exchange now that you've seen these text messages to the former director colmey could have been more clear that the decision wasn't made until after that july second interview and that's the way that it that it should have been but as you just said those text messages that we saw earlier today indicate that lisa page peter struck m loretta lynch all apparently new on the first of july that hillary clinton wasn't going to be charged that's inconsistent with what the director said so he needs to be given the opportunity to come back and clarify his testimony under oath get says will he be given the opportunity to do that especially given the piece that and henry also just included on july 5th where he said no one knows the conclusion that.

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