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Totally agree and you suck. The fact that he let everybody know this is also my town. I'm from here and you know, I'm not just saying look in Atlanta for a hot place to be when you coming here because I can bring a few years now knowing the news and the signup know like well, I'm from here and I know for a fact that I care enough about what's going on and I want to do it in my own soil because you could have just he could have put together in age. Could I put together a protest know in Boston and you know that and done the same thing, you know make it a peaceful protest, you know doing in boxes like that know like I care so much for what's going on and I can check what I see in my city of Atlanta and I have to be here I see so I heard that I've never seen in Atlanta. You know, we see all these things that happen, you know in other cities which is it's awful terrible, you know, what's going on is it's hard to deal with but I'm twenty-nine. So in the last twenty nine minutes what I've seen in the last couple days in Atlanta, I've never seen it seen on T was dead. That is not home town and know that wow, this is really happened in my family my town where I live where I'm from. So I feel like you know that right there trucks coming in him and said it's holding powerful, but for me to feel like I'm doing something I have to take it back to my hometown have to take it back to where I was raised to where I became the mayonnaise. I don't let people know that my boyfriend even heard I'm with you and I'm going to come back in my city and show you how serious I am how much care. That's really incredible before we started recording you were talking about how the media is portraying these peaceful protests and these protests in general because some of them have become not so peaceful. I'm curious what your experience at the protest was like compared to how the media has been portraying it because I think people aren't asking enough of the people who are actually their proteges. Sing what their experience was and they're just listening and looking at how it's being portrayed online and in the news and I think that's a big problem. Right? I agree for me. I find what you know, if mean I mean we forget that a lot of these do start, you know, ask people protest we missed that part because the media in the news are so engaged on the edge of my turned down over this and so drawn into it because at the end of the day with new unfortunate, but it's about ratings, you know about keeping up, you know with the ratings and about how long we keep you know, our people engaged and how do we treat you know inspections going and you know drama unfortunately is what keeps me going so I can go back to the first day that we have that here, you know in Atlanta Friday. A lot of people don't realize that outside of seeing over at Centennial Park. There was a whole other protests that actually the city of.

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