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Find that allow entrepreneurs are in surfing business some point i think it is that i just saw that europe four professionals surfer you today is the surfing khaimah onscreen surfing very great things there there are people that want something a little bit different right you're you're out on your own you're you're riding the wave your time by yourself lotta timed upon her longtime things so i think that people that serves are kind of seem mindset as entrepreneurs and the fact that they just like being out there on their own catch right wave in lebanon lebanon's we are here to his fire informing connect the community of entrepreneurs i'm pat o'brien has business rockstars ron houston's sam is our guest founder of bear company what's the bear on in something short and sweet the stood out in google immunization publicised tried to differentiate my clients much as possible so in order to differentiate mild company i wanted to throw two as in there i thought it looked on of unique and when you put a student google will be the only things up up illustrated beyond our but i'm laredo of bear bears bears good i mean we see a written like that until you here in on the side of a building downtown alitalo of like this um uh how do you balance it was pr business is gone away a desk traditional the definitely think traditional public relations is going away as was showing orton twenty years ago to know the editor said they would take your phone call now that's not the case anymore because everybody's emailing them all those zeev meals are invaluable of you want to pay the right price on the internet you can find almost in email to any any media person so those strong relationships aren't as important as they were before and with the advent of social media now all those people their own magazines media essentially so if you've got someone with three million followers they've got a stronger reach than a lot of those traditional media outlets that people were still familiar with.

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