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So how do you get there was about being the kind of person who takes the initiative to doubt the default and look for a better option and if you do that well you are open yourself up to the opposite of dejavu there is a name for it it's called volusia day future days when you look at something you've seen many times before and all of a sudden see it with fresh eyes it's a screenwriter who looks at a movie script they can't get the green light for more than half a century in every past aversion the main character has been an evil queen but jennifer lea starts to question whether that makes sense she rewrite the first act reinvents the villain as a tortured hero and frozen becomes the most successful animated movie ever so there's a simple message from the story when you feel doubt don't let it go what about fear originals feel fear to they're afraid of failing but what sets him apart from the rest of us is that they are even more afraid of failing to try they know you can fail by starting a business it goes bankrupt or by failing to start a business at all they know that in the long run our biggest regrets are not our actions but are in actions the things we wish we could reduce if you look at the science are the chances not taken when do you know when do you know that like the procrastination is productive and when when when do you know that it's just destructive tomorrow i hope i think that probably the easiest way to think about it is to say procrastination can become creative when you know you've actively grappled with a problem and that's why i like the idea of being quick to start and slow to finish being quickly beginning and trying to accelerate a little bit of progress as your generating lots and lots of ideas and trying to do that at a rapid pace that's good and then at that point you want to slow down you wanna give yourself access to lots of different new insights and then move back into productivity mode and getting skilled at toggle between those two modes is probably what ultimately gets the best balance of creativity and productivity yeah i mean it makes a lot of sense but the world we live in today requires instant feedback because every once in.

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