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Season long home stand continues tonight with an opponent they'd never feed the Vegas golden knights Vegas there's twenty four hours ago in Philadelphia sixty two so they should be an angry group one time against Vegas if tonight carpenter went to drop our place right one the third the fate of the creek takes the pockets slowly down the left wing sein cuts into the slot get the facts the break will take the here's the we takes the pocket center right thanks to there is another black hawks express eleven beaten those guys man minimum mission I hate to shoot out not a big fan am I mention it I hate this so the next game is so tomorrow seven thirty Blackhawks and flyers and we'll have it here on WGN the pre game at seven popped up at seven thirty right here on WGN by the way the news is next from the northwestern medicine newsroom and we'll have another black **** express now well tomorrow is tomorrow is Thursday so we have it on a Friday morning show so there you go we were talking eighties here having some fun remembering the eighties and we got some texts here six one eight area code says all all about the best mascot ever spuds mackenzie been drinking bud light ever since LOL good old spuds mackenzie seems like your work then yeah John I always found it weird that chick song out with spuds mackenzie who is a real dog you know yeah a four seven area code says anyone who was born after the eighties hopefully missed small wonder yeah I was not a small wonder person I know the show heard of it it's eight and I think I saw maybe ten minutes of and thought it.

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