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Debates each day Monday Donovan McNab underrated or overrated out of it here oh boy I'll be fine right now the shoot right out of the chute we're gonna be mad at each other Thursday which player on the a Phillies was most important Wednesday the process was Sam Hinkie a good general manager Thursday whence V. fulls was that the base they Jack what's a what is the what is the exact debate what to figure it out with you too okay some shows I mean I feel like the camera feel B. L. D. camera thanks cultures still be here bridge you'll be mad about it okay then you know we're G. O. Virgilio is gone yeah yes they do the figure I used to okay here's the thing now I like word word you said Joe and and and rich you would go because the idea of whether not foes to still be here that's that's something I guess you could debate about right what what what else what else only when I'm in the bay who's the better quarterback there's an angle that we'll be able to debate we just had to figure it out because I I because like I know who won the Superbowl and I'm not gonna pretend that Nick Foles should still be like some things are just clearly define Carson won the Super Bowl winning quarterback yeah I do not know I mean that might be ex I don't believe the eagles would have won a Superbowl of Carson Wentz roommate help okay there you go he go right that's easy Friday and this is going to be that this is gonna be great D. Gabe Kapler get if else fair shake Joe Julia is going to be on the air from six AM to ten PM the play the side that that get covered did not highlight the stimulation of it six AM to ten PM going to be on a show for Joe the whole we have the kind of family little guy we may have we may have to let him take a break are everywhere with me please give my lunch break gonna somehow we got to keep him in the studio ready to put him in the in the old updates studio now I've got to be in the studio B. in here are you yeah you got to yell at him right in his face is the is he gonna be I mean or is using drugs or anything like that I mean that's a long debate gave as a lot yes a lot here is you know a lot about the definition of insanity I take a minute to look in the mirror about that if anybody can do it it's him that's a short lease bill Ford said yesterday's gonna go back and watch all the video your books for the whole run of gave me a lot yes we need to obviously if if I if I needed to I could do three shows of defending Carson Wentz yeah I think what you're passionate about like the easy idea about that okay yeah Julia's passion about cake he is that's correct he's very humble those walls he's very passionate about Gabe Kapler I I.

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