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Do a ton was against Clemson. And he threw for three hundred yards and five touchdowns. But if you look at his game logs for the most part, Nathan Peterman was an air it out system at pet and to me. That's what your best case scenario is somehow win the game with great defense. Maybe you get your run game going and just pray to God the Peterman does not lose. You the football does not lose you the game by turning it over. And I'm looking at a couple of his game logs from some wins and college and this is kind of what his game logs looked like when pet one when he was there. Win over Duke in his senior season eleven of eighteen two hundred thirty seven yards three touchdowns in pick the only completed eleven passes. But that's kind of an example of type of game that I think that you might be looking for the week after against Syracuse nine of eighteen to fifty one four touchdowns in pick. The touchdowns are not you're not getting that. I don't think from him this week for the bills. But again, that's what you're looking at Virginia. Eleven of twenty one one thirty seven and two touchdowns. Georgia Tech fourteen of twenty one ninety two when a touchdown Marshall seventeen of twenty three to eighty and two touchdowns. Penn State eleven to fifteen is a win for him by the way, eleven to fifteen ninety one yards and three touchdowns. He beat Penn State with ninety one yards of of passing the football. And I think that's kind of what the bills need to do you need to find a way to win the football without having Nathan Peterman to throw the ball more than twenty times. Because if you have to have them throw more than twenty times. How likely is it that he's throwing interceptions? That are returned for touchdowns wants to get over twenty. At least one I think if he throws the ball thirty times on Sunday. I would bet he throws a pick six from what he's like. Right. Yeah. So limit the limit the attempts from him, dude. Can't heading out route. And the question is is that enough to win the game against that team? Can be we've seen the bears kind of falter a couple times this season. Particularly I would look at. You know, they are an up and down team. They're young team. Yes. Matt Nagy has made that offense really impressive was last year. A lot was last year. But they're still beatable. It's not like the bears are Green Bay or something. I like that word beatable. That's right. And if the bills defense could if the bills defense did what he did against Tom Brady or how it limited Aaron Rodgers to twenty two points. All you have to do is just not mess up. But what's that number? What do you have to hold Chicago too with Nathan Peterman quarterback where you can feel like yeah, they can win. Now. I'd say eighteen you think this bills offense can get twenty points. They could against Chicago. You might totally may have Khalil Mack. They may not have Khalil Mack. As a matter of fact, but they're still a team that got rocked by Brock Tober. Yeah. That's that's right. The Brock Tober fast. That's right. He went out to Chicago won that game. And I was back to the Brock that we all know. And all right. Eighteen to me. As someone who thought this bills offense was gonna look like a joke from the get-go. I cannot see the bills winning this game. If they don't hold Chicago to lease thirteen points and to feel comfortable about them winning. I actually there's no total feel comfortable about them winning. But ten is when it really starts to feel realistic for me. I think thirteen yeah. You can win that game hold them to ten and I think you've got a real shot eighteen this this offense take I don't this isn't fair to do. But it's jarring that if you take the. Minnesota Vikings game out. Of the bills schedule which I related not fair to do. But if you do that twenty seven points at the Minnesota Vikings pretend for just a second that did not happen. They've scored. What.

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