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So much heretical Gupta for that report in the markets. This is Bloomberg. This is a Bloomberg money minute human stocks of falling led lower by his cell up in some of the biggest tech companies. Tesla is tumbling 8% while Apple and Amazon and down board than one person What the labor market is showing some signs of a rebound. Employers added 379,000 jobs in February and the unemployment rate declined to 6.2%. There was a rebound and leisure and hospitality jobs and employment in food service industry jumped by more than 280,000. Well, we can expect to pay more at the gas pump. OPEC members voted to continue to keep a tight rein on oil production, which is sending oil prices to spike above $65 a barrel. On Wall Street. The Dow is up 38 points. NASDAQ Falling 155 S and P 500 Down 11. Donna Wilson Bloomberg Radio. Why do hedge funds and other alternative managers rely on purging for highly personalized experience? Mark Aldo Roddy, a managing director.

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