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You're all excited about the oscars this weekend and rotten tomatoes award senior editor. Jack cullen lee is here to fill us in on the three things you gotta know before you watch and i will say this. This woman has a ninety eight percent chance at predicting. What's going to happen on sunday. You gave us all the grammy's you gave it to his real. What's the first thing we have to know about the oscars for this beacon for the oscars. We definitely wanna talk about all of the historic first. That are possible for this weekend. I mean there are so many different books that we're excited about. But most importantly just the fact that all of the different nominees have this possibility of being first time winners and first time folks to sort of make different make a difference beal for the oscars this year. What are we the dress code the dress code. Because i know that they've been encouraged to show up in their oscar. Best are we going to see all kinds of glam or will people still be subdued and kind of respectful of the environment and feeling. Actually everyone has been required to dress of steven soderbergh. Who is actually producing. The show has said that they want everyone there. Statellite offices throughout the globe. Essentially telling folks show up in your finery london new york. La in poor downtown at union station. What you're trying to say is that jason davis will not be absolutely chasing today because will not be in a hoodie. You're going to have to do it. And no zooms. These are all going to be completely in okay now. I heard that the oscars this year is supposed to look like a giant movie. What does that even need. So as i said steven soderbergh who's producing the show famed director. He won for traffic and he said this is going to be a stenham matic experience though one of the things that the support him is the ability to shoot it like a bill. And it's going to have that old hollywood film and glam and they're still going to have great performances although there won't have it the way that they did before leslie odom junior and her all recorded their performances on the academy museum stage and they'll all be able to head back that way and show it on oscar night. Okay the.

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