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All right, Frankie. So it was a big Newsweek in terms in terms of just regular movies, not cultural events. But first big news of the week was specially near and dear to my heart, which was the trailer for chapter two, dropped and of this -ly super excited, considering pennywise is, like my spirit animal, or my patrol us. I love pennywise the obsession runs deep. I know it's weird. I don't care. But I thought the trailer was, I mean, a masterclass in trailers, like I love that it was essentially a scene from the movie, and then twenty or thirty seconds of quick cut stuff to tease. You then pennywise only gets a few shots, and then one line at the end which was perfectly creepy. The who so I mean, up super excited about this, I was surprised and excited that it became the highest grossing harm we've all time when it came out a couple years ago really excited to see how faithful they are to some of the stuff in the book. What was your reaction to the trailer? So, you know, me right. Like, I'm not a I'm not a scary movie guy. Because I am quite openly a humongous pussy. I think the last scary movie, I watched was the red dragon was that the name of it. What the, the moment? Hannibal lecter. Yeah. That was like teen years. With you and give Nash and, and that was a that was that was a that was a big moment for me. So I don't really I don't really do scary movies. However, I am a huge Stephen King fan as well. Not as big as you. But. And, you know, it I think is one of the best books of our generation of a written. So I, I am excited about it coming out the trailer. I thought did such a good job of making you realize how fucked up and just eerily perversely scary. This the, this movie will be I always thought the thing about Stephen king's books that were the most horrifying was. He has a way of writing these scenes in these books that are so weird in her almost perverse to the point. You're just like how does a fucking human being that that lives among us come up with this shit. Yeah. And in my opinion, about the beat to death, but this trailer just. Just set that table so, well, so. I'm going to see it in. I mean to me the casting looks phenomenal. That's the big takeaway, too. I mean just they really hit it. I mean first of all, I Jessica Chastain is on my laminated list of celebrities that I will get a free pass with if I ever get married again. So Jessica Chastain is listening. Just. No. You're my freebie. Yeah. From the opening of the show. She knows that you're super horny. Just a sexual being. So I'm in love with that cast to begin with James McEvoy. I think Bill Hader is like inspired casting for Richie. So that's I mean, everything looks great really curious to see how deep they go into, like, are we going to get to see turtle are they to do the ritual of Todd? I assume there's not going to be the kid gang bang at the end. But there be an adult game could be an adult gang. You never know. I mean, shut shut his chedda charges. Charred. I mean it's so one of the one of the things that nineteen ninety minutes series with Tim curry, pennywise gets killed for is how shitty the ending is. And I get like it looks terrible, first of all the special effects in that time we're just not good. But the ending of is so fucking weird and metaphysical and astral plane, I don't even know how you get that on film in what you do. So I'm really curious to see what Andy machete comes up with for how to end that story because it's it is like it's very unfilmable. It's so weird. It's impossible, even explain to somebody who hasn't read the book, Italy. I'm interested to see when they go down. Or do they have to the they have the, the crimson king's local on the wall that kinda shit? I will explode. You'll pop. Yeah. Pop- pop-, hard, brother. So the one thing I didn't like about the first movie was that, that dude didn't give the other due to hand job in the woods. Yeah. You got a weird obsession with Patrick Cox data. I mean you need to get help. Yeah. I mean it's like if we're gonna make the move. We're going to walk up to the bell ring the bell. You know what I mean? Go all in that whole scene in, in the book with Patrick hochstetter where beverly's spying and she watches him. Give Henry the hand job and then Henry leaves, and then she finds like the refrigerator filled with all but doesn't only legs kids does dance in front of the refrigerator. I. Yeah. It's so weird. It's like it's one. I mean, that's what kinds of scenes. Yeah. Everybody gets drawn when they talk about that. Weird scenes everybody goes right for the preteen gang bang. That happens in the sewer at the end, which admittedly is weird. But the frit refrigerator scene is right up there with, like what the fuck is. He thinking while while he's writing where does that come from, like, yes drugs? I guess the late seventies and eighties. He was pretty much on coke and LSD the whole time. So I guess drugs is where it comes from the other big thing that happened this week. Was that Disney announced like their their list of movies that they're going to put out for like the next? What is it like five years, or something, it's like sixty seven sixty three movies. Disney world. They're really do. I mean, we're getting, it's like eight marvel movies. Right. Four eighty five avatars. Yeah. Four avatars, which I, I mean, four too many, I don't know. I mean, what are believe I'll believe we get one avatar when I see it. He's such a wack job that I don't. I'm not convinced those movies will ever come out. I'm not convinced. He's actually even filling them. I don't know what he's doing down there. You know it's funny. Somebody said I forget who it was. But they were like Disney World built a avatar land. And somebody said to me on, on line, the other day name one character from the avatar movie, and I couldn't do anyway, I can because I hate I don't like avatar I think it's a global embarrassment that, that is the number one highest box office globally of any movie ever. I really want and game to beat it. I don't not like it. But I don't think it's fine. I don't think it's worthy of a of a land in DisneyWorld. Yeah. That's what I keep saying. Like I don't hate avatar. It's fine is just there. So it's not that, so we've got the four avatar movies. We've got another four Star Wars movies. Right. So we've got Rodgers Skywalker, and then we've got on the whole nother trilogy coming out, which I'm keeping my fingers crossed praying to God, that it's old Republic. I think it's gotta be hope so. There's like an Indiana Jones, five coming out. In twenty twenty one. Right. God. I mean, let's, let's pray Harrison Ford makes it there's. You know, there's a bunch of Disney live action movies now. Because that's what they do rather them, new stuff. They're just taking old successful cartoons. To live action, this bunch of those coming out. Everybody was like waiting eagerly on the edge of their seat for the live action, Mulan movie while you're gonna get it. The weirdest thing and I popped when I saw it caught me off guard. I was there looks like they're launching an ordinance foul franchise. Yeah. A site about. Yeah. So I'm pretty jazzed about that. I'm to maybe go back and revisit those books. I told my kids, I was like start regard miss foul. That was pretty big. I mean, Disney's just they are blown it out of the water. I can't. And And they'll. they'll, they also announced this week that they own. They own Hulu. You had bought calm. They have now. Sixty percent of Hulu, which I don't refer. All right. So you, you got to you got to see John wick three earliest week. Yeah. Did because I'm I got the fucking hookup bro, press badge. I mean not really I mean I do move reviews on the side for a website here in Charlotte. Culture dot org. C L. T U. R E dot org. And the dude that hooked me up with that little side gig. I don't get paid educated to go. See movies early. He was reviewing John wick three and took me as his plus one. And let me tell you John John wick franchises is fucking awesome. I love it is. So there's something very relaxing about gone to movie where you just don't have to really at all. It's like the plot is so simple the through line. It's so simple. It started with, you know, they killed his dog, and he's angry, and he kills a lot of people and essentially go on from there. All it is, is like the same simple plots except they keep adding spectacle on top of it. And it's you know, the director of John wick two and three is former stunt coordinator. So he's like graded, the choreography, which is it's really like canneries was on one of the talk shows and described it as like almost a dance. And that's what it feels like. When you're watching it feels like you're watching like performance. It's just like violent performance. Which is I have so much fun watching this, the crowd that was there was so into it, and then, like, you know, obviously I loved avengers and game. It's like maybe my favorite movie ever movie cost three hundred million dollars to make, obviously, we know where that is CGI, and special effects, and different planets, and Hoke in famous all this stuff, which is grit. They have to do that. But John wick John, Rick movies, cost, twenty million dollars, and they're super fun. It just reminds me reinforces that there's a place for, you know, smaller budgeted movies, and you could still do you can still make them a whole heck of a lot of fun. And I fucking love Kiana Reeves like he has most weird career ever. He just kinda just hangs out and does weird movies for like a decade. And then he'll just stumble into something that becomes a cultural phenomenon ticket powder. My my, my ten year old son asked me, if he can watch the John Whitmer. Movies. No, I don't know. Like I, I, I was like no, but then I'm like the video games these kid play these kids play. That's you know, I mean it's like headshot headshot headshot up, but I don't know. I don't think I don't think I'm going to let them. I think what I'm gonna do is I'm going to let them watch the first matrix. Oh, yeah. That's, that's safe. Right. The second one there's like sexy sex. So I can't he can't watch that one. Right. Well, let's think about John wick is like it's really just the violence mileage, and limos, you know. There's really not even that much language even with what's his name in it now that I'm trying to. I'm trying to think back to the movie I saw this John wick three that I just saw, and I can't even remember any curses and there's definitely, there's not there's no sex either. It's. There's no nudity or anything. It's really just violence and the violence, and this is like,.

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