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Dm's vanessa hudgens got speeding ticket. Great photos of an esa hudson's speaking to police officer getting her ticket. I just didn't like if you doubt it definitely was a star. Just look at these photos of her getting a speeding ticket. Have you ever seen more. Flattering photos of anyone doing anything. And she's literally getting a speeding ticket seriously if if he. I was pulled over getting a speeding ticket. And you saw photo of me like through the window. You would be like throw this in the trash. It'd be like very into the ocean. This is like no one should see. This wasn't a speeding ticket. I was wrong. I was for texting and driving. Which is colossus than as i will say classic and one hundred manasseh Flashes a smile as she receives a ticket for texting while driving after grueling workout of the daily mail paired with like photos of her workout or grueling workout. With best buddy gee-gee mcgary who i will not google people always calling like who's digi mcgary and i'm like don't even don't start in california. It is illegal to use a phone or similar electronic communication device. While holding it. In your hand it can only be used in a hands. Free manner such as the speaker phone voice commands but never while holding it. I love daily. Mail does a google an answer to their research. I mean they are just like informing the public so they don't text and drive which is very dangerous. Oh it's so dangerous so dangerous. I never do it so moving. On the first time. I saw the story about unicef jima sharing. Dm's between him and scott sells any side compeletely. For days. I completely mis read the. Dm's i thought that it was eunice texting. Scott baio is this chick. okay bro. Like in the middle of italy and then scott said doesn't matter to me as long as she's happy. Psi your bro. And i was like why would unicef share this. It makes him look so bad. And then i realized i was inverted. Scott scott texting eunice on instagram. A photo of travis. Barker and courtney being extremely pda sangyo is this chick. Okay bro like what is this in the middle of italy. You notice though unis- Who is corny. Cartagena long-term ix. He stays out of the press. Like he doesn't he was only like around when they were dating and then like he's like bye bye. I guess i'm like out here. Scott like does everything he can to stay in the press. you know. he's dating like hamlin daughter. Who of course got herself involved in this as well but we won't get there yet. This was just yunus sharing screen shot up as dm's in which scott disick was like being rude to cornyn kardashian. Look issue okay she okay. It's like babe she's like happy without your ass like mind your business. You know you're right. It is funny unison. And try to parlay his brief railroad ashley in adjacency into something bigger. He's just still modeling. he's always been model and he's still he's just a model and so this came out. Everybody was like oh. This is like such a bad luck. Which like if you thought that scott disick if you've thought this was below school district home and paying attention and of course a few days later scott districts girlfriend the hamlin hamlin daughter. Yulia wore a t shirt. That said. don't you have a girlfriend to be like. I'm in on the joke right. It's like don't you have your own girlfriend to like your ex. Yeah right right right so we have these two stories in there related. okay. I'm actually gonna go backwards as to how it is in the dock so summer walker went on and scream life k. Long instagram live. It's still uploaded to her conic monologue. We can't because it's so long but it's kind of incredible performance piece in a way we can't play it all. It begins with her like finishing brushing her teeth. She's in the bathroom. And then she puts camera upright and then like gives us law monologue to the other xs of london track. Who is her ex and the father of her child. It's very twelve bums. Exactly it's twelve bumps. She has one refrain that she repeats over and over again and then at one point she goes away from the camera and repeats it to a little bit of improvise corio and it sounds.

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