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And discomfort in the target whenever they slander the who doer, and there's you know, ten tons of other spells that are done the do. And who do they get even more popular when yellow fever is brought on by mosquitoes and that ravages Louisiana region while slaves and free blacks get sick. They're able to get better while white Europeans die off and many attributed this to voodoo and who do as opposed to African-born people's immunity to the virus. Okay. Besides a culture of do and who do another cultural situation factions, Madame FINA Lowery legend was growing pushback against slavery and new law seeking to protect life's Madame ollery. With someone who owned a lot of slaves. Made a lot of money office lays came from a family who owned a lot of slaves hung around people who a lot of slaves and a lot of other people in New Orleans around the time. We're starting to think you know, what I don't know about this whole sleigh riding. It's it's almost like when you really think about it. It's super fucked up an anti-slavery movement have been alive in America's since the very beginning. Even some of the founding fathers, despite being slave owners went on record against it, a communists and business owners from the north would argue that slavery impeded economic growth when hiring cheap workers, you know, would actually be more practical since he didn't have to feed some Irish fellow when he was young you'd have to take care of him when he was old as as again, many southern slave owners actually did once they retired nations like England put their money and their lives of their own. Own soldiers on the line to end slavery throughout their empires. And beyond by the mid to late late nineteenth century for all intent and purpose of slavery was all but a radically did virtually everywhere except US the specifically, obviously, the south in Brazil treatment of slaves and laws dictate in the treatment range from state to state the Louisiana, code Noir or code of ethics relating to slaves. Read as follows we also forbid all of our subjects in this colony was ever there. Conditional ranked may be to apply on their own private authority the rack to their slaves under any pretense whatsoever. And to mutilate said slaves and any of their limbs or any part of their bodies under the penalty of the confiscation of said slaves in and said masters, so offending shall be liable to a criminal prosecution. We only permit masters when they think that their case requires it to put this lives in irons and to have them whipped with rods or ropes Louisiana, Noah seventeen twenty four. Now that's way back in seventy. Twenty four. How how crazy is that Louisiana? Legislators felt the need to pass a law forbidding physically mutilating, people, right? You don't pass a law like that in a staunch pro slavery area, in my opinion, unless a shit ton of mutilation is already going on which is starving. Like if Madame lottery herself did not mutilate slaves. I if if no one in her household mutilated her slaves. Other slaves were for sure mutilated in Louisiana was which is owned haunted tour worthy horror story. Okay. Now, all the cultural context has been laid out. So so how did Madame Lowery truly become known for being a torture of slaves? It all started with a fire on April tenth eighteen thirty four fire broke out in the lottery resonance on Royal street starting in the kitchen when the police and fire marshals arrived. They supposedly find the cook a seventy year old woman chained to the stove by her ankle. This cook allegedly later said that she had set the fire as a suicide attempt. Because she feared being punished. She said that slaves taken to the uppermost room of the house. Never came back as reported in the New Orleans be the very next day. April eleven to eighteen thirty four bystanders responding to the fire attempted to enter the slave quarters to ensure that everyone had been evacuated upon being refused. The keys by the lotteries. The bystanders broke down the doors to the slave quarters and found quote, seven slaves more or less horribly mutilated suspended by the neck with their limbs apparently stretched and torn from one extremity to the other who claimed to have been imprisoned there for some months..

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