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At that's kind of what I was forced to at that point. I guess moving forward bound to house. got a property that was very well suited to her Sit. Area very small plots all through here but I was able to find a lot on the back of a street which had a really big backyard honestly main decision criteria and buying a house award big yard she could enjoy and. Like again, judge just try to learn how to be a dog. And got into here spent several months. kind of sticking to that pattern just mentioned going out as much as possible just to try to. Find Trust in the world But eventually I wound up Clinton an ad out looking or new roommate and. The whole ad basically was, here's ears what's up with my dog. Would aid at. Here's what I need from your dog and in. So many words, the ADS said I need your dog to teach my dog, how to be a dog. Interesting. The yes. I went reluctant for a roommate you're looking for pennies remote. Yeah I think ad like three sentences at the end and what I was looking for a in an actual roommate but that was. In every sense, the phrase in after that. And so so introduced Katie a Katie was moving across the country on a traveling nursing contract She had a younger Greg Gagne net was. Probably one hundred and thirty pounds even though he's still young guy but very energetic and. They actually, this is this was several years ago they lived next now, and then he sees it every day but Griz moved in I moved in with Katie and biggest great Dane you've ever seen but he absolutely build his purpose he taught any out to play talk any atte- go eat her food when other dogs are around. Even as far as a teacher to Harrop stuff So there's a little bit back and forth on who was responsible for destroying an item on a given day. Noise. And she didn't have any sort of hesitancy with meeting such a large dog first time. No no it was just another dog that she had never seen before. So it all worked out. Fine. So they they wound up living here for about eight months before she wound up getting the House next door. And it went incredibly incredibly well I can remember one day, and this is by this point I'd had any over two years and. I was sitting in my kitchen watching her do something I can't remember but I would i. do remember is just having a thought of like she. She's normal now like she knows how to be like a normal dog and don't get me wrong still a million quirks and a million unique things but it was the first time I ever will debtors like all right. You're doing what needs to be done. You'll have all these undo. Cheers of everything around you like you can actually just relaxing live now it like was the biggest relief and I remember touching base with the rescue group. I got her from sometime around into and tell them this story and. It was it was so cool to say like you know the transformations it'll never be done but like this big first phase is done and it was, it was somewhere between two hundred two and a half years of owning her before we finally hit that point. That is that's excellent. Tari, getting a little moist there. Look at that sunrise to hear. What sort of any sort of like adventures that the the two of them that you can sorta like that come to mind. They had more of a backyard romance I. Guess Errol is good to be doing things in the backyard and run around and a gold backboard between the neighbors houses and such but in terms of getting out into the mountains here the desert mountains and that remained a penny and I only event for I a while to come after that even By background I grew up on a farm I spent every waking hour outside when I was a kid and that's definitely followed me into adulthood and now kind of having done that most of my life I was a lot more comfortable with. Things up some people might considered dangerous or riskier somewhere between So kind of for that reason, we'd all go out on her own a lot I was comfortable with hides comparable cliffs knew how to navigate him with penny at this point, and we just kind of went out and did our thing every weekend and I'd say our average Saturday for for a couple of years was it up around sunrise be at the mountains go go play around for five six hours and make our way back home. And all throughout that process I kept stepping up the difficulty little by little at first I was super super considerate of the fact that she had done a whole lot of that and she quickly me no, she was not going to give me the same consideration. Just you bouncing around like you cannot imagine like a mountain goat for from day one and you know I step of difficulty she'd have no problem, step it up a little more. She'd had no problem and unsure sure my mom saw what we're doing on some of the some of those days you'd have an accident part of that but hey, I'm guessing for both of you. I love it and if for a moment at an any was loving it, I would've stopped. but it was super clear that she was Avin time of her life. I kind of get couple and running with it and. I guess by this point I'd been lived I had been living in Las Vegas for a couple of years and had gotten to meet some some really good friends within the hiking community here and no we started getting into Sufism more technical stuff repelling lining You. Know. As, predictably, so I started researching online whether that might be a good idea to bring any along for those and Lo and behold there's equipment for nurse training videos or tons of literature on and. Familiarized myself and. I remember that First Aid Taken Penny rebelling when? Standing Atop One hundred and twenty foot cliffs and her trying to figure out what in the world is about to happen. So you started small when? I wish I could say yes but. We did a couple of. Couple kissing realize saying this whole time instead of meters. Audience here but. But you know it started in the backyard free and bring her a few meters into the air and made sure she was calm and not not not going to be panicky 'cause I didn't need that at the top of a forty meter cliff myself and I would say that I repel I to this day I. do still feel a little guilty because I knew it scared her she had no idea what to expect but. Guy Remember I think it was the second second time? We went out to go repellent. It was like a propels that day. And by the second one. Like she's jumping off a cliff under her own.

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