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It's nine forty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks still a bit of a delay Virginia at ninety five going northbound the good news is the crash was out of a quiet before you get up to Quantico gone nothing left to look at it that delay should begin these now you'll get a little downhill flow everybody was jammed before you get heavy in Dumfries the clear through Woodbridge Newington ride north into Springfield twenty eight at a sterling north a wax pool road church road you may be under direction utility crews are on scene so just watch out also they've been trash pick up in the district of the because some slowdowns maybe now completely out of the road or at least delay free DC two ninety five going north after Pennsylvania Avenue headed toward betting right along the right side of the roadway checking in north western Albemarle street near thirty eight that have been reported crash we're a little bit heavier right Maryland still north on two seventy running north toward Montgomery village Avenue keep an ear out of we got to work up here what can smell usually along the right side there was water dropping under the beltway outer loop after George Avenue coming off the seminary road overpass coming down into the left lane of the outer loop there been reports of a crash along the right side inner loop of the beltway before George Avenue that was along the right side end on the end of the valley north of River Road is ahead after the Clara Barton parkway toward River Road along the right side of the roadway the work some reportedly along the right side but for now in cameras showing on the right shoulder some of these traveling as are available Jack Taylor WTOP traffic and Mike Stanford got our forecast this morning no no it's a million a man gets up early to talk to us I introduce my changing up the schedule.

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