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It's more along the lines of you're not giving up like, what do you think it would take right now to get Damaris Thomas from running back trait? Rexburg I, I don't even want that Mary's, but. Okay, Cooper or Robinson. Yeah, that's yeah. So why would you try to running back like if any? So I know quarterback is. Really deep. I get that, but there's probably a team or two in your league that really needs a quarterback loss Garoppolo. You know, a lot of quarter in our podcast league was offered, I'm not going to do it, but I was offered Mike Williams for Levy on bell, and I know the owners trying to do, you know, take advantage of my receivers are not that good, but it's it's not something that I'm going to trade because the next week it's Christian Kirk, you know what I mean? It's Cortlandt Sutton at somebody that's going to find some value with that position that you just sort of pivot week to week to week. Whereas the running backs. Almost have to the bad ones right out in the injury, situations with mixing and cook, and these other guys and the ones that aren't playing very well. Like it's hard to say Royce remains trustworthy or Jamal Williams now, trustworthy. You just have to sorta ride out the situations where the receivers you can sort of move onto guys. The problem is you can't drop the ones that are. Well, let's talk buy low, sell high, so kick it off heath. Give me a Bilo candidate of all those receivers that Jamie was talking about from the show. I, there is one that I do think is a buyer low and it's Ellen Robinson. I do think Allen Robinson. His perception is anywhere close right perceive values, anywhere close to the Demaria's. Thomas Amari Cooper group. He's the one. I feel more confident if I could trade my number four or five running back to a team that had Robinson and wasn't really using them. I'd be happy to that. I'm so discouraged by middle Trubisky. Frustrating, man, I think. And this is Jared Goff kind of threw off the perception of what a new offense means for a young quarterback. It used to be conventional wisdom that it was bad for young quarterbacks to change, offensive coordinators. We saw with Matt Ryan. We saw it with Alex Smith along longtime ago at like three offense coordinators his first three years and was just awful. And I think there's a chance. It's just an adjustment period for Tricia. We see it with the bears. They are very good on the first drive of the game, the plays. They've been practicing all week. They get into the in game decision making and they're struggling a little bit. Good point. Yeah. All right. Robinson for heath Jamie Bilo. I give it to you on the same team, Tom Brady and rob gronkowski I- gronk was my guy. I mean, I don't know that any fantasy analysts or anybody who's a fantasy veteran is panicking on gronk, but there will be people out there who are and it really just a matter of titan being really bad this year Olson's album, I meant I forgot to mention Jamie picked up, Greg Olsen Italy also put a claim in for him in that league. Also sixty one percent owned. He's making good progress. It might be a guy that you wanna stash, but I also was the one who drafted him and drop them. So. But also sins out, walkers out Ingram's hurt Burton's been pretty bad. George kindle might be useless. Now if you can, if you can buy low on gronk. So the way you have to approach trading for gronk is you have to have. Kyle Rudolph or Eric Braun, or I mean, you can't can't consider kill at this point, but you know some some tight end who's playing well, that's in the tier below in some cases, a couple tiers below him and package that tight end with another player. So like if. You have one of these young receivers that are playing over the head. Somebody doesn't have good receivers or you want to take a chance on giving up. If you have running back up, you know you're not gonna get one for one with gronk giving star..

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