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Will be only. I mean well. I guess i shouldn't say that but i have no intention on letting the world forget so. Basically what happened was there. Was this huge kind of like. They took down the posters and people were really upset that they took down that poster. And so now. There's this concerted effort. There's a gofundme page to basically put that poster in everybody's yard and mccleary so they blew up the poster at the park. But it's going to land in everybody's yard over town exactly and one of the things. That was so cool as a listener reached out to his just the other day and she says i am listening to the lindsay bomb episode. And i'm so shaken. I live in mccleary and have a young child. I did not live there when she went missing the banner situation and she has an all caps out of control. Never has it been something frightening. I have gone to that park and sat in that butterfly bench with my daughter. I use it to teach her about the world and the things that happen and can happen. Thank you for bringing light to this case. Thank you thank you. Thank you and i'm so happy that that listener understood. I guess the point of what we're trying to do. Yeah and that makes me feel good. Because i don't wanna be that true crime. Podcast that glorifies the crimes in the horrific parts of of these cases. And we can't do that because when you do talk to the victims like to be able to go and try to in any way capitalize on that pain and agony and you know you can still use it so many years later in Lindsay's mom's voice. I just it doesn't and honestly like it just makes you like even though it puts you on a little bit on high alert with your kids in your case like you're just like hey i need to know where my son is. Nothing else or i want to have this conversation. That's really difficult to have you look at your young child and you don't want to you know we have so much of that happening right now. It's like how much do you tell them. The world is so scary right now. I had been a little bit more laws fair about because we do know so many of our neighbors. We live in a super safe neighborhood. You've got the you've got the bell ringing down from the from the lumber miller. Whenever at noon jim live in a very small rural town where everybody just like mccleary. Everybody knows everybody had been pretty lousy fair about letting my son come home a little after dark down. Four five houses down the road no big deal but ever since we did that lindsay bomb case. It's like no you need to be home dark. And if you're not home at that point you need to have somebody walk you give you a ride or something and you know it's little things and it didn't freak him out. I mean he's he's a kid he's like. Okay that's the rule. Okay no big deal. But it's just. It's the little things that i mean. We we hope to help people. We hope not to scare the hell out of people but telling people stories and sharing a little changes. You can do possibly help you a little safer. Yeah exactly so another listener of the podcast g. Todd williams said his favourite episode was the whales case. Yes it's so much to impact. I don't even know where to begin. With the case but basically it was a a us prosecutor in seattle who was basically assassinated In his home and they have spent millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars trying to find out who it was he was what the only us attorney ever be murdered right. Yeah and there were so many. There's been just so many. I mean if you wanna have a case. That has so many twists and turns. We did our best. We did a two parter. And i feel like we did a really good job because sometimes people don't want to know every single detail because there are so many twists and turns on that case but we talked to the podcasters from somebody somewhere who they have just done a phenomenal job and continue to do phenomenal job and where that case is at right now. They just recently launched an extra episode on that case that featured a citizen sleuth called the crack of course in seattle. We have that new. Nhl so appropriate. If you don't know a lot about the case check out our two-parter like i said to kill a prosecutor. As i said very complicated case and too much to get into here. But basically what the crack in put together was finding out connections that seemed to give credence to the idea that it was a hit for higher so in the series somebody somewhere and we hit the highlights of that case they look at all these potential reasons that will was killed. Was it because he was looking into a case that could mean the loss of money for a big company or was it because he was a very vocal gun control activists or was it just a grudge by this guy that is referred to as the pilot and based on the information that the crack and was able to put together through just sleuthing. It's looking more and more plausible that it was a conspiracy in a murder for hire just for grudge You know. I love the fact that we have citizens loose getting involved in these cases because everybody has different levels of expertise in different areas. You knowledge they can bring to these cases to look at things in a different way and shed new light on different aspects of these cases. But i'm always sceptical when somebody doesn't want to give their real name. It makes me wonder. Could this be somebody who maybe is trying to muddy the so that we don't look at a potential suspect. I think that yeah. I mean that's where you know. The news judgement comes in and and you know you are so good at that kind of stuff like let's look at this. Let's let's really examine this because sometimes you know. Oh my gosh the shiny thing. It's so exciting. Could this be the thing that we've been looking for. But after listening to that episode. Like i really feel like this guy was not looking into it for glory that he was really looking into it out of curiosity. And that's where some of these cases really get their tentacles into people and they wanna just find out to find out. That was his thing he was going through. All of these arrest records related to was trying to use facebook to try to find the name or the person anyway. It's like a rubik's cube. And i totally get that. But yeah i mean that's reporters. It's it's our job to make sure that we're not getting our chains pulled right and that's where that judgment piece comes in so kim. It was so fun when we had kind of put out a call on facebook. Say hey if there's anything any cases you want us to talk about. Let us know and our former amazing co raftery. She especially loved your opening of the drifter episode. She said it was so creepy. When she was on a walk she had to stop listening. And i was reading. That i was like what a compliment. Is that a compliment him. Our businesses is is is considered a complement of so leafy. It's funny because there are two things that i think are the biggest compliments and one of them is. You're listening in your car to something you get to your destination and you stop and you stay in your car. You keep listening because you don't want to stop the story you want to finish it and it doesn't matter that you've arrived at your destination that so many times i love that with our own podcast. So that's a big compliment. But i think also having to turn it off even though that's not ideal obviously for us but it shows that you know we did a good job of putting the person in that situation in that place in time and giving them the emotion that went along with that so it is a compliment. Even though i hope jillian at some point.

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