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What i look. Air may make all right. Thank you very much. Replay invastion or trash. Bevy sophie l. Wants known what. Did you think of ebony k williams getting getting cast on rony. I know that you've known her a bit. Yeah advocate williams. That's my girl. I think she's going to hold up on. I think she's going to class up the joint issue certainly gonna let goes ladies note that Black magic is a real thing. It's not it's not just slogan. Is the real deal. Happy my ebony. I just don't wind up in the nomex because she's very well respected so stay ebony. Okay donna p wants in on facebook. Snoop if you've spoken to dr dre. If so how's he doing anything you can tell us. Yes spoken to dr above four or five times via facetime. He definitely doing better getting better as stays in the hospital and he wants guys another. He loves you guys. Thanks you guys all the prayers and other goodbyes visit until all right. Thank you very much. I want to go to the virtual audience dion as a question for betty. I wanted to know. What did you think of. The of pregnant elect vice-president an analyst to volk covers in conversations around him while a lot of controversy around their personal. I like the sky blue soup for more than unlike the cover shot right was. I felt like the cover. Shot looked a little haphazard thrown together. But i like the on paid homage to her being aka so they had the failed read and the pill pink in the background and the controversy. I mean it's really not the the woman that is one step away from being the president. We have big fish to fry. She's on the cover of world. That's nice but let's move along unless let her run the country that does i do believe this. She got next. All right sir. Yes surely as question for snoop shirley. What's your question highs new. This is so crazy we love you. So much we've been with us since dpd What was the response on. 'em and dissing new on that new track as zeus. Do you think it's because he wasn't included in your list of best rappers. The game has ever seen. Because i know you guys were friends. We're still friends. i think. That's s family business. And i don't want to make it more than what it is. I mean he's saying what he said. I respect that and we just keep right. there is family business there. You go snoop amari k. Wants to know who you honestly think was the victor in your versus battle against max and who would you like to see battle it out next. I think the victor in my battlefield diem experts. Everybody they have one in the culture. Want because you got two great rappers. Who loved each other and was never in competition with each other. We actually inspire each other. What i'm saying. We doll doll. The word united what was just a beautiful combination of celebration coach. Who would you like to see. Next on verses is q. ll cool j. j. z. One of those guys. All right Bevy did you guys meet when bevy was at vibe magazine. Did you guys ever did you guys meet them. Mets no couple of i one time when he was in town for the bma's on he was whipped like jimmy. Irene and there was the olden days of demand with the s k initials. We won't even mentioned his name. How yes Name is my mother's name. Is beverly too much more..

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