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And from Morocco we have is a forty five year old man he lives half his life in Morocco half in New York he's married his wife and child live in Morocco a year ago he had a seizure in New York use vice have surgery went home to Morocco to be by his wife and child he then has come back and he's got always follow up one of the biggest hospitals in New York so famous well they're getting an MRI is of the MRI showing progression of this brain cancer and he has the documents but the doctors of this big hospital offered him no options no treatment no options so what did we do we sat down got the history exam of the patient got the scans reviewed the scans and this is what we do we treat patients with brain tumors brain cancers he has a cleo model this is the kind of work we do we're able to target the tumor without hurting the healthy brain in general we have high success rates in controlling the tumor where we attack were the first to New York with brain radiosurgery when all the other hospitals and facilities and doctors but standard treatment for brain tumors and brain cancers is okay one doctor saw that pin point precise treatment was more appealing often more effective less side effects with no cutting no bleeding no pins of the head and was picked up by the dentist who comes to us of sixty one with gastric cancer had three years of chemo which never worked and our as a fistula in his stomach is a mass the stomach with the error in it from the cancer and from their treatment in three years of chemo which still are worth the cancer Kaplan progressing and he got more and more chemo the chemo didn't work and then they got more and more came of the people that are working got more more father the game from standard type radiation and resulted in and says to hole between the cancer and the stomach so he came to me wanting a fresh second opinion this is the work that we do we treat people was gastric cancer stomach cancers even if it's traveled elsewhere this man a stage four cancer our success rate in treating gastric cancers is about ninety percent where we aim to being with us in the stomach or the lymph nodes or the liver this is the work that we do every day this why were the first in America with stereotactic body radiosurgery I would have a sixty nine year old woman who has breast cancer with distortion of the breast of ten centimeter mass with cancer travel to the bones wishing only our treatment we try this mass in the breast which to store the breast of eight through the net Paul Richard the breast cancer Richard the cancer of the bone and now she is in remission she tried concoctions and vitamins for a long period of time they do and to work she refused chemo she refused surgery and really surgery would've helped her very much she received our focus beam radiation for advanced cancer of the breast and in the spine and is now in remission fully functional doing well happy about treatment but I'm such a leader men we have lots of information to send you you can call us at two one two choices that our day or night you can come into our office our phone number to get information or make an appointment is two one two choices two one two two four six forty two thirty seven.

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