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News, traffic, and weather. Tampa, Bay's News Radio. WFL a Florida's congressional delegation was briefed by the FBI on Russian hacking during the twenty sixteen elections, Republican Representative Michael waltz. They were very clear that the election overall results were not affected and that they had no evidence that the voter databases were tampered with Representative say, they are launching a BI partisan effort to release the names of the two Florida counties that were breached, it took decades, but attempt to hero is finally home. Airman Isaac Anderson, went missing after military plane crash in Alaska in nineteen fifty two. His remains recently discovered Anderson, we'll be buried with full military honors. Naval station, may port sailors, and coast guard crew members back from a more than two month. Drug interdiction deployment in the eastern Pacific and Caribbean. Cruise confiscated over seventy five million dollars worth of pot and cocaine. With Florida's news, I'm John Conrad. From the Florida central credit union home loans. Traffic's what looks like a nice ride on our interstates this evening. We have no delays on two seventy five coming up the Howard Franklin bridge, as you're making the trip into downtown Tampa, folklore, northbound and southbound on seventy five and you're moving on I four just keep them on the road construction does have the right lane. Glows westbound on I four through Hillsborough avenue, still work in the next new Tampa Bay downs county line road slowdowns on Dale Mabry in the northbound direction at Holly lane from an earlier crash. Bringer NewsRadio WFL. Came around a few passing clouds, the evening temperatures will stay warm. But with some lower humidity around Phil.

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