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The world of fashion well from an early age i discovered fashion through the pages of folk i went to the public library durham north carolina and i was about ten years old or maybe nine and i discovered this magazine called volk and in those days it came out on the first and fifteenth of every month and the editor was and this was my scape world when i was a young boy i grew up in my grandmother's home in durham north carolina modest home as she was a maid to conversely and it was just my grandmother and myself she was an extraordinary woman she was a frugal woman and she would see watch the budget she had a bank account and a we had a wonderful life because i never knew anything but love unconditional love your nine year old boy and you're totally fascinated by these fashions that adult women are wearing so what have debated you as a nine year old boy about the world of vogue the world of vogue met more than what the women were wearing as models the issues of oh captivated me not only before the images of the fashion spreads but it was the magazine itself that turned me onto abroad that i did not know had not been exposed to it was the world of literature what was happening in the world of art what was happening in entertainment i it was my gateway to the world outside of durham north carolina it wasn't just the fashion of course i love the fashions i love the beautiful images and i related so much to the images and then the written words the captions the articles so i was living through vogue as an escape hatch but reading every single page loving every single detail i mean they had a men's column called men in vogue and that was very fascinating to me then maxine has had a cooking column that was fascinating to me then of course the main spreads they were all orchestrated by the great editor of religion and they were basic built on her fantasy but she just gave me the world i discovered truman capote i discovered the great of ballerinas from the bolshoi who defected to the west i discovered new etf in aberdeen photos new yes was nude photograph by richard avedon on all of this was just very exciting to me and it was the world that i.

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