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Also accepting boats motorcycles R. V.'s and real estate donations this is Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN still ahead here in the opening bell of some changes it for our candy for perhaps one of your favorite candy bars we'll talk a little bit about what's going on in foreign coming up in our next segment Alexia rule is will be here from the Chicago Tribune where she covers of food and all things food I guess at the Chicago Tribune that's next but right now it's time to update the news and that's sponsored by penny mustard furnishings here's the phone but off duty Chicago police officer was hospitalized overnight injured in a crash on the inbound side of the Dan Ryan investigators say his vehicle was rear ended by a second vehicle their seventy fifth at no update on that officers medical condition the other driver was given a field sobriety test and later taken into custody Illinois state police are investigating the Saint Louis arch diocese has released to the public a list of names sixty one priest up former priest said that it says has faced allegations of sexual abuse in the past thirty four have since died none of the priest on that list are currently in the ministry the list also gives the names of three priests who were charged with possessing child **** another mosquito carrying west Nile virus has been found in southwest to Britain will county this one in Manhattan that's five so far this year in will county others have been found in Lockport Plainfield and Juliet WGN sports now with Dave ennen sports is sponsored by northwestern football Chicago's big ten team dealing call these five run first inning against the Minnesota Twins made that is lasting for the white Sox for a while the ending set the socks towards their sixth loss in eight games eleven a one Kobe who's one in seven was sent back to triple A. Charlotte after the game the socks host the New York Mets tomorrow night the cubs had for Saint Louis in a big three game series with the cardinals tomorrow after dropping two of three at Milwaukee but salvaging the finality eleven to four is Kyle's warmer homered twice including a grand slam and drove in seven the cub the cardinals are tied for first the brewers just one game back it's the big story around baseball this morning Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer hurling the ball from the mount over the center field wall in Kansas city as he was about to be taken out of the game by manager Terry Francona Bauer and says he was a matter of Francona just that himself but Francona appear to have strong words for Bauer when he reached the mound Kansas city won that game nine to six the drop the Indians to game is beyond the twins in the AL central a number of deals in baseball ahead of the deadline including the Mets acquiring all star pitcher Market Street a strongman from Toronto Brooks kept go the weather of the St Jude invitational N. D. N. auto racing the NASCAR race yesterday salt Denny Hamlin the winner at Pocono Raceway a reminder join the big ten west champions big ten coach of the year Pat fitzgerald and Ryan feel this fall match ups include Ohio state Michigan state and Iowa tickets on sale now at a new sports dot com Dave edit WGN sports the key to a good barbecue.

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