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Jeremy House reports. The Department of Ecology says officials rejected it because of a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions and inconsistencies with the Shoreline Management Act. The $2 billion Northwest Innovation Works plant would have taken natural gas from Canada. And converted it into methanol. It then would be shipped to China to make compounds used in everything from fabrics to medical equipment. 85 year old Green Bay Packers fan never missed a playoff game at Lambeau Field, thought it might end this year for etc. Net Sell went to her first Packers game when she was 10 years old. Her family tried to get tickets for the NFC Championship game today. That's when booster club members Stephen Neal Ewing heard story and gave her the tickets. They actually had to drive the Green Bay and give her their phone for the tickets, breaking news and analysis, a town hall dot com. Jimmie Rodgers has died at the age of 87 honey go being Jimmy Rogers was discovered as he played shows on a $10 guitar while he was stationed to Nashville with the U. S Air Force. After the Korean War. He auditioned with roulette records with the song Honey Comb, which was his first single and on Lee number one record. His other hits include secretly and Kisses Sweeter Than Wine in 1967. Rogers was found in his car in Los Angeles with a fractured skull. He said he had pulled over and an off duty police officer attacked him. Although he suffered muscle spasms and seizures. Rogers later had his own TV show and his own theater in Branson, Missouri. I'm Archie Szaroleta on Wall Street last week down Industrials closed the week of 9 30,097, NASDAQ and 13,543. Yes and P 500 closing at 38 41, New York crude closing out at 52 27 more on the story's a town hall dot com. I'm Bob's edict broadcasting here every Sunday morning at eight. Remember the free speech movement started in Berkeley in the sixties at Berkeley. Today, students protest against free speech and pick it when a controversial usually conservative speaker is scheduled. At other top universities. Professors are terrified of the students. The free exchange of all ideas has disappeared. My new book, the Bubble explores how higher education became America's most overrated product. Students spend four critical years of their lives in an expensive bubble of indoctrination, and they're creating a second bubble in the process. Luckily, a small, dedicated minority of fighting back against repressive campus speech codes and dis invitation campaigns learned how universities.

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