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You lobbyist even go ahead. Yes. How you doing state receiving my call. I'm calling about. Lifelong New York Knicks as my condolence to we both. Now, and they make making us respectable team again behind by not try and Mark Jackson, we got a few more years to find out how that this next coach is going to take us. I wanna know only inside things, why the Knicks organizations. Highmark, Jackson, the coach, and he's a proven first of all, David dealer not chopped liver, bro. He could coach. He has a winning pedigree as an assistant in Miami for four straight trips to the finals. He took the Memphis grizzlies to the playoffs. His first year, the second year there was a fallout between him and Marcus hall, and obviously, Memphis was moving in a different direction and that those things didn't work out personality wise. But David phys Dale is universally respected throughout NBA circles. And I think that here's my, here's my inside. This is my belief, but it's just a belief Henry. Okay. I believe Mark Jackson to be hired not just because of his basketball accurate. But because he appeared him is a complete culture change. We wouldn't be worried about James Dolan anymore. We wouldn't be worried about everybody else under him being puppets on a string because all Jackson rowlatt way. And because of the Saint John's routes because of the New York Knicks rookie of the year roots because of his New York routes in Queens, New York O'Connell Park City college in the summer league and beyond when he spoke, people would listen. And I think that James Dolan personally didn't want that. I like Steve mills a lot. I got a lot of faith in them. Scott Perry has an impeccable reputation in NBA. Circles are right and David phys deal is not chopped liver. This man could coach, but if I had to venture to guess, I think in and don't let me be clear. Steve mills categorically denies this. It was his call him Scott Perry. They're comfortable with the pick James Dolan supposedly never interfered, but it is my personal belief, but only a belief that James Dolan would not. Keen towards having a guy like Mark Jackson, because Mark Jackson would speak up and speak out. And as a result, it might be a hindrance for James Dolan in New York City. James Dolan. They want that. That's just lie opinion. Well, thank you for your insight. And I was telling my boys, I grew up in the guard, then seventy thousand vendor, their seventy three. So I grew up when they was great going down and coming back and thank you for your honesty because mall Jackson was the only one. One of the only ones that had the foresight to know that Steph curry was going to be great as he has become. Got you. I to run. I appreciate the call Harry. Thank you so much. I would have liked to see more Jackson in New York, but if we can't have more Jackson, I'm incredibly happy with David physio who I think has a chance to do a great job. If they get him the talent, we'll see whether or not they get a.

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