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In person learning at this time, we're dedicated to keeping our in person classes available to our community and have extensive health and safety protocols in place to keep our campuses safe and healthy. No. This takes off a lot of parents. I know this disappoints a lot of kids. But what about what effect does this have on fellow teachers who do decide to show up? The sick outs actually hurt them. The fellow teachers, I mean, and is it safer for those teachers who have combined classes when we're students less space? The distance them on all this is coming on the same day. The teachers are now eligible for the covert 19 vaccine and a lot of teachers. They're going to start maybe seeing raises, as well as the largest tax increase in Arizona's history. Was passed by voters on as a set toe go into effect here on But by the way, the reason that teaches removed into a high priority group for the vaccine was to keep schools open. And, more importantly, keep kids in class. Uh, the vaccine roll out so far. Uh, I thought it felt pretty slow. Jamie, tell us this morning. No. Yeah. We thought that they were gonna have a hard time finding people who were willing to get it. But right now, the website can't even keep up. They're asking people to slow their role. You know what I mean? Wait a little while to get on there because it's just overwhelming the website now, one thing that I thought was interesting, though, because said state Farm Stadium could be open 24 7 beginning today. They give out vaccinations. But somebody just tweeted me a screenshot saying that and they live on the West side. So for their zip code that there are no appointments available. What What? Oh, so they waited. They finally got through and only found out. There are no appointments available. So I have asked the state Health Department and County Health Department do, please Back with me on that, OK? Yeah. So I'll let you know if I hear any Please do. Please do we have been all right? That Z even more depressing news, please, Can we just stop with all this depressing news? 6 49 Now, Katie our time for entertainment News with Stacy Brooks brought you by Bob if I.

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