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Using George Varo Jason service, Chad Browner, the turf Ray, how what you're. Louis size or Radyr teams that don't those are off the top of my head. But if you're if you're constructing any kind of a multiple wager ticket, you can do worse than just make sure all those guys you'll take it. If you have if you has the backbone in the race sets up to that that way, but I thought Tom Lee. Thought of a one for last eleven to that could that you didn't you didn't like nuts fair. But if you if kind of analyzed it from a pace perspective, I really think that's where they shine. That's what that's what caused me to really, you know, get on his team because I thought he's gonna he's going to be on the lead. He's faster than pie. Yahtzee? I did not see out you don't wire-to-wire again. He's faster than him. He's going to get to the rail. He's gonna save ground a whole way around. And he's running for a trainer who. Hardly ever who's. So you know, he keeps going forget about it. That that was that was a nice boost. Although I doubt he was nine to one in in the rainbow. And I again, if if Mel mic wins that photograph instead of the thing pay in two thousand it it probably pays twelve thirteen fourteen thousand. That's true. That's true. And I know what felt bad because nineteen hundred I didn't feel you know, you can live with that. How about how about how about the twenty thousand Kevin cries her head for in showdown and the other the other four check cashiers? About Kevin or he won't showdown..

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