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What's happening at the Reimann or mercy lounge or cannery ballroom or the basement? The basement east wherever were putting on which means for the most part on. They're bringing the band onstage hanging out drinking my buddies and all my friends are musicians literally was out almost every single night. See and live music. Burn the candle both in hustling the. I could never do that now looking back. What an amazing time. I'll just give you one weekend that my brother always brings up. That was very cool week. Jacob Dylan came on my show. I think I'm not a Wednesday. He was playing at exit in that night so he came on my show. I interviewed him. Then we went exit in saw show. Didn't love it was Kinda sleepy so then. We went across the street to to divy bar called. The end is with my brother. So Bank called. Apache relay play which they were my buds and I love them so much they went on tour with Mumford and sons. They were good friends. Mumford and sons kids the next day we went to go see Grace Potter and the nocturnal at. I think that was exit as well. That was Halloween. So grace was dressed up like Dolly Parton and she had these big boobs and she couldn't see the keys because Because the big big boobs were in a way the night after that we went and saw the evite brothers at the rhyming auditorium and then the next one after that Mumford and sons played at war memorial auditorium for so weird. And there's a secret show at the station in and the station. Who so hard to get in there. But Oh because big mike from Apache relay was the door guy there so meanwhile rather go in get seats. Old Crow Medicine shows on stage. Mumford and sons is on stage. Dirks Bentley is there for some reason Darius Rucker jumps on stage literally. Everyone is on stage. That was it four nights. Ben Who is a crazy time to be in Nashville so anyways I just hustle super hard and at some point I heart. Radio came along. They said hey did your freaking suck on a bunch of our ratings away from US. Come over to the you know. The big corporate radio station will pay a lot of money. Let's hit the GIG and I went and worked for IHEART for three years in Nashville Tennessee and listened to be fair. I enjoyed my time there but it became a job whereas at the indie station. It was like we were the cool kids telling you about the coup music. When I went to Iheart it was corporate is just was I love the people I work with their. I'd love everything about it but it just felt different in any corporate setting. They're going to get every last. Drop a shit out of you and they did that and I. It's also to be fair. I allowed it because I was such a goer and a go getter that I allow them to do it. But this is your boys day. I did a morning show. We all station that we had a couple of our break. Then I did the afternoon drive showing the classic rock station then I had a couple hour break and then I did the night show on the river. Which is the pop station? I literally was on the air all day. Long on three different stations. It was so confusing for the audience members because they were like. What station do you for? I was like dude. I worked for all of them except for the country station and the urban station. You know what's funny is that there was a day that I met with like the bigwigs of Iheart in the country and I was like no. I can't do country like why not let black. Hey guess what coming up next Jason Al Danes. Common could have done it in the middle of all this working at iheartradio. I get dumped my brother story. A million times was approached by the bachelor casting producers to be the show. He turned it down but he's one of those people that like just is friends with everybody forever. 'cause he's the best and he was like he's got dumped. Dude you WANNA do you'll be on the Bachelorette at the time. I was doing these bits where I'd go audition for commercials and I would bomb intentionally so it has something to talk about the next day but how I didn't get the commercial or how he didn't get the China played Marshall but guess what I did the China epic commercial. 'cause actor tells it used to be so funny. Thi- go do this Aminul Amadou Shit up and I'm not GonNa get cast on the Bachelorette and it'll be such fun. Radio fodder is so big time. So they were like a man. So the castings at this hotel downtown in this one day I was like well. I got a hard out for those. You don't know in in like the industry if you say you're a hard out to get you out like another. Gigi gotta get to and you gotTA leave early to the youth. The go first so I was like well. I got a heart out at noon which I did I had to go to the afternoon drive. Show for the classic rock show so they made me go there. I go I and I remember getting the hotel that that day. Forecasting and every dude is in a suit. And I'm wearing a t-shirt aband- t shirt and a jacket and I'm like this. I fuck and fuck this up not even close to what I'm supposed to be wearing. I guess what you'd wear getting out of the LIMO. But I didn't do that. They take their first and they're like who are you mcgown as well as a radio. Dj and they're like hey do do radio thing so. I had already done a more shelf you if you like think. By the time I done the morning show. I had wrapped my morning show. I'd come down to this audition inbetween morning show and my afternoon drive show. So they're like do do some radiologists. At the time. I think it was just be repeating the bucket for some reason and I have this long a five minute diatribe about Justin Bieber peeing in a bucket and how people would pay good money to be that bucket. It'd be said bucket and alip buckets like on Ebay right now and I did. They had this whole radio bit about Justin Bieber being in a bucket and I was doing it for hours like I had it memorized. What did it for these two women and they were dying laughing about it and all of a sudden forty five minutes went by and like they love me and they're like hey man. What are you doing in March and I was like what am I doing? I'm mark this by the way. This was like an October November. Although I don't know Jim March and they're like well my will keep your calendar open. 'cause you're great then again cast for the Bachelorette to break when we come back. I'll tell you about the casting.

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