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Flip i'm jackie quinn sales of outdoor equipment are slipping as millennials dr changes in us consumer habits analysts say millennials are favoring close and sporting goods that are less specialized in more versatile market research company npd group says industry retail sales totalled eighteen point nine billion from december 2016 through november of 2017 down six percent from the previous 12month and pds senior adviser for the sports industry says millennials are less likely than the previous generations to demand outdoor gear that stands up to extreme conditions to trucks with forty eight and a half times of chocolate were stolen in southern germany and there is no sign of the thieves the trailers had four hundred ninety six thousand dollars worth of chocolate they were stolen from an industrial park and freberg friday night one of the trailers was found saturday after the driver stopped at a rest area near the german french border the driver ran away leaving a trailer full of stolen chocolate behind the second trailer was found in lahr also near the border with france twothirds of that chocolate and the thief were gone police say they've launched a search for the thieves and they're appealing for any witnesses to come forward reports of vehicle exhaust tests on monkeys and even humans by german his car industry have been condemned by the german government and the current head of folks fog and one of the automakers involved in the test as vw still works to recover from its own emission tests scandal chairman hansdietrich perch called the tests involving monkeys totally incomprehensible a spokesman for germany's chancellor angela merkel said the tests can in no way be ethically justified and.

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