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News we'll have a live report also ahead it's the first homicide in huron township since two thousand nine really needless than and suffered existed to athens i'm charlie lying and the widow of a former uaw official rain this afternoon on conspiracy charges sports at four fifteen major league baseball trade deadline is here the tigers make any more moves we'll have the details cbs news covers the world now fifty troy or at lock cbs news i'm pam coulter there's a new general in town and he's having an impact on the white house in his first day on the job hours after white house chief of staff john kelly was sworn and came word that communications director anthony scaramucci has been ousted cbs's steven portnoy reports he was just ten days ago former hedge fund manager anthony scaramucci stood behind the podium professed his love for the president and blew the press corps a kiss but then scaramucci is rivalry with them chief of staff reince priebus spilled out onto the front pages a profanitylaced tirade against previous raised eyebrows all over town now there's a new chief of staff and scare remove cheese out the door president trump insists there's no chaos at his white house cbs news political director steve she garissa this just looks like john kelly is coming in as chief of staff on day one and trying to set up a staff that works for him and he looked at what happened over the last ten days with anthony scaramucci and felt this was not the type of person that he wanted as his communications director the us has imposed new sanctions on venezuela as the south american country braces for more violent protests cbs's steve dorsey has details of the treasury is sanctioning the president of venezuela himself nicolas more duro freezing any us assets he may hold it also brennan him a dictator and accused him of widespread human rights abuses as his government collapses all tens of millions of venezuelans starve it's in.

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