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Yeah i don't pay too much attention to the mocks tres because in my experience they haven't been right now the broncos have been picking at the end of the draft so it's harder to get it right but i try to talk to people with the broncos and get a feel and right now i think the field is if one or two quarterbacks are there at number five and elway those those are the one or two quarterbacks outweigh really likes i think you'll take a quarterback if they're not there and i'm not sure who those one or two quarterbacks are they're not go you know best non quarterback player available maybe it's sparkley maybe it's nelson i don't think it would be chubb just because the broncos took that that type of player in the second round the last two years and demarcus walker and adam god says for better or worse you're wasting one of those guys if you take a bradley chubb fitzpatrick would make some sense even though there's you know some people there they they do have a lot of talent already with hair tremaine brock bradley roby they're pretty well equipped their cornerback but he's a good player too but well whoever that quarterback we'll see if he's there for john elway and and whether or not he pulls the trigger here in about four weeks you know what you mentioned that if if if there's one or two guys that elway likes a quarterback that you'd be inclined to think they might pull the trigger at five i think they'll go in a different direction but i do agree that if there's one guy they absolutely a fallen in love with and he's still there at five that it would not shock me if they pull the trigger to a quarterback the two guys and i don't think one of them will be there but i think there's a chance the other guy is there the two guys that.

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