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And this they should wide Contest, though I was commenting earlier about lobbying local government Especially Say not the city of Milwaukee, but Dodge Connie Sheboygan County is a good example. Ozaki County Germantown School board. Green deal's still bored, etcetera, governmental bodies like that. When you have the kind of thing that's occurred in Wauwatosa. We're in a suburban community suddenly. You have protesters and rioters and disruption. As I indicated it gets the attention of public officials to the point that they ignore and tune out their own residents. These are people who by and large I mean, you get elected and well, But Tosa, you're not generally somebody who's thought of his being the most strong willed person in the world. I mean, some. Maybe some may not be You see Mayor McBride sitting up there with his mask. You think that he had the ability of, say a Donald Trump to tell a bunch of outsiders throughout. They're trying to ruin people's lives that you're not gonna go to allow. Rioters in Milwaukee to come in. And destroy our Wauwatosa Police department. He didn't have that ability. No wallet. Toast is the community that has been trending left in the first place. But I think we have seen this acquiescence the pressure from the left even in more conservative areas. In the communities that have chosen to keep the school's closed or go to these kind of goofy hybrid proposals. You're getting clearly two groups of input one groper, too. I'll say two groups of Input. One group is the parrots open the school's The other is the teachers in the school employees closed the schools. Who do you think has been louder and more obnoxious with their message. Well, we know it's almost impossible for any group of human beings to be louder, obnoxious than unionize school teachers, so probably them. So the tone The strength of the message it matters. And again. I wish that it didn't. There's a third component here to this, and this is where I'm gonna wrap up the topic of move on. One of the points that I have tried to make over the years is that in many cases rather conservative communities The elected officials in those communities are much more liberal than the communities is the whole not always. But, for example, just grab community acts. I don't want to use an example because it might disproved by point and I don't know Is that every village water school board, Let's just say community acts. Supposed community Excellent 68% for Trump in the latest election. Very likely that the Village Board or City Council and Community X didn't go 68% for Trump. Maybe 50 50 on the school board might not even be that much. In other words, the people who run for public office even in conservative areas summer conservative, But as a group, they tend to be less conservative than the community as an overall. Part of this is because liberals I likelier to just run for stuff. All these social service agencies when you have to seize on the boards of directors this I mean, it's one pack of lefties after another after another at one of the most conservatives work. We got time on our hands. What a lefties do they work for another nonprofit? All they do is go to meetings all day and someone It's just it's just part of who seeks these things. School boards who runs for the school board. Some cases, Sarge, right wingers, usually not. So part of the problem that you have your is even a conservative community. You're being run by somebody who would have fit in just fine in Madison. I want to share with you a story about Hartford. Hartford's in Washington County. Part of that area of Washington, Cadi, where 40 years ago Nobody lived, and now there's just everybody lives up there. Slinger Hartford Richfield That'll area Hartford is what's it watching it? Got it. I don't know. 10 miles of West Bend. I write on that or not, anyway. Hartford, very conservative community. They haven't Like many of our committee. He's kind of an unusual school board structure, and I want to stress to make this clear here because some people have got to hear me, Rog. It's kind of like the way they do it in arrow. Yet Arrowhead has all these little elementary school districts that feed into a different school district that runs Arrowhead High School. In Hartford. There's a school board that runs Hartford High School. But there are different school boards that run the elementary and middle schools. You following me on this. I know it's confusing. This is not the school board that runs Hartford Union High School. I'm not talking about that. This's Hartford School board District one, they run some elementary and middle schools in Hartford. There was a member of that school board. Who and social media Is praising Palin Kaepernick for taking a knee during the national anthem and claiming that this is an outstanding peaceful protests. She advocates taking a knee for the anthem. She also on her social media page praises the message of Alexandria, Cassio, Cortez. As we say This is one of the most conservative communities in southeastern Wisconsin. Yet on their school board, they've got somebody who believes that we should kneel for the national anthem and thinks that AOC is right. Her name is Erin Wilke. Now I know this because somebody in that community Is checking out who's running their local government. Now that we're beginning to realize that a lot of people even in conservative areas there being governed by glorified Marxists. To mark this. You won't believe where this is from. This is Hartford. This woman's politics would fit in on the east side of Milwaukee and Shorewood in Madison. Beijing. That she got elected in Hartford. So again when you wonder why When left wingers come in, and they agitate on something in a conservative area why they roll over so quickly and a great many of the people in local government, even in conservative communities are lefties themselves..

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